There's lots of attention to the disability/accessibility conversation in #TTRPGs rn. Good for awareness, bt draining for disabled people seeing the hate.

If you want to help, turn on your alt-text. Google 'good alt-text'. Put it on every meme, every pic, every gif. Every time.
If you have a following on twitter, you can spread awareness for this. It's a great thing to implement. A lot of big TTRPG names like @CriticalBard, @ToddKenreck, @Dan_Dillon_1, and more have spoken out in support of accessibility in ttrpgs. Please use that energy here, too
And of course, please support the disabled creators in your communities. There are so many of us working every day and facing the heat of the hate. Follow disabled ttrpg creators. Putting alt-text on your images is a fantastic first step for making accessibility part of ur life!
One of the many reasons I push hard for alt-text is because every time you apply it, you are thinking about accessibility. The more you think about accessibility, the more opportunities you'll see to implement it - or notice the lack of it - in all other aspects of life.
Put alt-text on everything. Think about accessibility. Talk about it. Encourage your followers to use it. Use your platforms. The future has to be accessible, no ifs or buts. Follow a wide range of disabled creators. Understand intersectionality. There are actions you can take.
One last thing: There's NOTHING wrong with admitting you didn't know how to or why it was important or even what alt-text was until it was brought to your attention. It's never too late to learn and start making changes right here and now. Talking about it educates others!
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