Nuclear energy is really not a competitor with renewable energy.

It's primary competitor in most nations is coal and natural gas. In the US, it is increasingly natural gas.

Existing plants are not closing because of new renewables but because gas has driven prices down
And I really wish the nuclear industry would get it out of their head that renewables aren't reliable.

Reliability is a system-level characteristic. You can design systems with high levels predictable variable energy resources that are as reliable as high levels of dispatchable
If you want to build a nuclear plant in the future, you should primarily be concerned about how competitive you are with gas.

Right now it is cheaper, more flexible, and less risky.
Fighting or complaing about renewable energy subsidies is not going to change that.

Its also silly because there are near equivalent subsidies for new nuclear facilities. They just aren't used because no one can build/finance a new nuclear plant
The perennial complaint that the wind PTC drives power prices negative hurts nuclear is a strawman.

The wind PTC might allow negative bids but if they set marginal prices, prices should be zero or less anyways. The few hours that happens won't make a difference in profitability
Further, if your business model is predicated on nuclear competing with baseload coal, you need a new business model fast.

Other than China coal is on the way out. In the US it is in a death spiral and no longer baseload. I doubt much of the fleet makes it past 2030
One area nuclear needs to learn from renewables: financial innovation. The long term PPA structure is as responsible for RE success as the PPA price.

Rate-based utility ownership of a vendor design is no longer viable. Its also a factor in cost overruns (vendor doesn't care)
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