Re-reading Hayek on Conservatism, one wonders if he'd interpret this period as Conservatives finally snapping: "Enough of this progressive drift!" while demanding deregulation and a 'return to free trade' (that they scarcely understand) and 'common sense' (aka simplism). /1
By making Brexit the vehicle, this reactionary enterprise apparently gains a certain irreversibility - once out, it's harder to get back in. /2
However, Brexit and the culture war are actually two different things despite the former becoming a symbol and rallying point for the latter. Victory in one does not beget victory in the other. Brexit is geopolitical and technical; the culture war is social & cultural. /3
And as Brexiters used to say, Brexit merely gives the people democratic control; how and in what direction they exert such control is up to them.

After the Brexit car crash, the demographics against Brexit *and* in favour of more progressive attitudes will be reinforced. /4
The Right started the culture war but the Left will win it, as they usually do. That brings us back full circle to Hayek and to the Grimes lament, which in turn ties back to being merely *against* something but not having an alternative plan....

The very core of this Brexit. /5
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