The basement of their house looks like some sort of secret lair, with a 3D printer, plaster molds, jugs of liquid latex, various colors and dyes, computers, a backlit draughting table, and a massive worktable currently covered with all manner of sex toys.

Mostly cocks.
Clearing a spot on his side of the table, he powers on his laptop and sips his macchiato while checking his emails.

The workshop is still cool because it's insulated and below ground.
Because of chemicals and ventilation requirements, they have a dumbwaiter that carries finished products up a level to the airing room, which is separate from the rest of the house's HVAC.

Thankfully the "Fume Room" is also still cool.
Getting to work, Katsuki glances briefly at the ceiling when he hears Denki clomping about.

/Better be fixing the AC/ he thinks, darkly.

Upstairs, Denki is doing what he does best in a crisis: he calls someone else to fix things.
The company that did their HVAC installation is owned by his good friends Kyoka and Momo, and they gave him a special Friends Discount when they first moved in as "an investment in the business".

Denki gets Kyoka on the phone.
It's 8am, and Denki doesn't want to be awake, but he knows there'll be hell to pay if he doesn't get started.

Delighted as Kyoka is to hear from Denki at all, she understands the concern about making sure the AC unit is fixed, especially in this heat.
He's also worried about circulation in the house and safety in the Fume Room.

Kyoka assures Denki that she'll send her best team out there ASAP, some time before noon.
Relieved, Denki eats leftover pizza from the fridge, does a load of hand-wash-only laundry, cleans the various toys from yesterday's show, and then goes back to bed because he feels like he's done quite enough for one morning before 10am thank you.
He's woken up by the doorbell at 10:59.

Denki yanks open the front door to see a van parked outside and a tall man on his stoop.

He has purple hair tied up in a bun. He's wearing a polo with the CREATI HVAC logo stitched on above the breast pocket, and sensible cargo pants.
In his long-fingered hands is a clipboard and a tablet.

"Hi, Bakugou-san? I'm Shinsou Hitoshi with Creati HVAC and -"

"I'm Kaminari Denki. The other homeowner. Thank GODS you're here. It's an /actual/ crisis and I'm /literally going to die/ if you don't help me. Well, come in!"
Shinsou is dragged into Whirlwind Denki as he steps through the door. Denki is wearing a gold kimono belted loosely around his narrow waist and very little else. He doesn't pay any mind to Shinsou's attempt to avoid looking at him too hard.
Two additional HVAC techs come around from the other side of the van and step up to the house.

"Uh, those guys are with me. That's Kirishima and Tetsutetsu."

"We're here to help!"

"Yeah! Team Bro is on the scene!"
The two fellows who clomp up the front steps knock the breath right out of Thirsty Size Queen Denki.

They're huge. They've gotta be 6"6? 6"7? He can't tell if one's taller than the other from this angle. They're as wide as the front door, all shoulders and arms and chests and...
Denki shuts his mouth with a click.

The redheaded one gives a sunshine smile and Denki has to squint. The silver-haired one gives him a thumbs up and a grin.

"Team Bro, is it? Well, my bros, you've come just in time to save me," Denki says over his shoulder.
"Yeah...right. So, Kaminari-san. We've got the schematic for your house here from the installation. We'll run a diagnostic and figure out what's going on right away. If there's anything we need you for, we'll let you know."
"Absolute knights in shining armor! Love it. My heroes. Can I offer you a drink or anything? Breakfast cocktail maybe?"

"Uh, no, thank you."

"I'll just leave some glasses out for you. If you really don't need me then I'll on my way. Upstairs. To my /boudoir/..."
Shinsou looks slightly panicked but Denki sweeps away before he sees the slip in his composure.

"OK schematics. Looks like we have a 2-part system here, guys. There's some chemical ventilation happening over on the east side of the house: a partitioned area with its own unit…"
The three technicians pore over the information in their very cool and detailed system app designed by their boss Kyoka. Sensors built into the various ducts and vents show that there's an electrical problem over by the main house unit.
Schematics show that the unit is in the basement, so down the stairs they go.

Beneath the stairs is the main HVAC unit, which has a heat-transfer system attached to the water heater - very efficient, very environmentally sound. There's also the cooling unit for the house.
The basement space looks quite small, with a few doors in one wall. The polished concrete floors are clean, but boxes and crates are stacked everywhere.

Along the opposite wall are some simple countertops, a wide utility sink, and a washer and a dryer.
Washing lines are strung across the space to take advantage of the dehumidifier.

Focused on the schematics, the three technicians don't really pay much attention to what's going on in the laundry room, or what's being stored.
They shove a few boxes out of the way to get at the unit, and set to work. Kirishima goes to find the circuit breaker.

It's a panel somewhat hidden by a line of washing.

He goes to move aside the lacy underwear to reach the -

/Wait, what?/

What's hanging on the washing line in front of the breaker?
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