An impact of twitter: when I started on twitter I was researching disinformation to write a curriculum on how to identify it.
Then, seeing so much disinformation, I got involved writing threads packed with supporting evidence to counter disinformation. 2/
Then, seeing how little impact they had, even on those trading them, I started writing about the importance of learning about sourcing and how to identify valid information. 3/
Then, seeing how little impact it had, I started just kind of trolling at people about their ignorance.

Without a lot of conscious self-management, Twitter can make one a troll. 4/
Ultimately, the design of twitter encourages trolling.

Sometimes I think the Internet was a mistake, despite the vast knowledge I have gained from following people with life experiences very different from mine. 5/
I’ve learned so much from trans people, disabled people, neurodivergent people, Native American people, and rural-living people on this app. Thank you so much for that. 6/
I will try harder to regroup and organize my thoughts and present them coherently.
Tweet 3 above - those ‘reading them’ not ‘trading them’.

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