OMFG. Last night in Georgia:

“I just had 4...Police Officers remove me from the building & prevent me from...observing post election activities as provided by GA Election Code 21-2-406,” which says election officials “SHALL perform their duties IN PUBLIC!!!” - Jorge Balbona 1/
“The police officers were trying to make me leave the property b4 I had the opportunity to take photos of the Poll Tape. I told them that this was NOT going to happen***And, of course, bc it’s me — I have the entire incident on video.” - Jorge Balbona
Jorge Balbona is an election integrity advocate and Georgia voter. He was peacefully observing post-election activities inside from a distance while waiting to take photos of poll tapes (precinct totals) to compare against official results. 3/
Inspired by @CoalitionGoodGv’s finding in GA—& @benniejsmith’s similar finding in TN– @ProtectVotes is organizing volunteers to photo precinct poll tapes, including (yesterday) in Georgia. Jorge Balbona is a friend of mine. He sent me & others the info in posts 1-2 in an email. 5/
Link to volunteer with Photo Finish via @ProtectVotes: 6/ 
PS. Jorge also told me this. 😡

“Maple Ave (MR 4A) did NOT have a Poll Tape posted.

And Bridge Pointe Church (MR 1A)did NOT have a Poll Tape posted. [NAME OMITTED 4 PRIVACY] claims they posted. But I saw no evidence of this. I was there a little after 11PM.” 7/
It is my understanding that, under Georgia law, poll workers MUST post the poll tapes (precinct totals). 8/
Seeing totals as they appeared at the precincts is crucial to election integrity. Belarus voters know this.

The US has only recently begun its descent into dictatorship & thus most US voters don’t yet understand the importance of seeing precinct totals.9/
Graphic in post 6 by @flanbites. 10/
Subsection (c) is code section requiring that the public be allowed to observe poll workers shutting down the polling place after polls close. h/t Jorge Balbona 11/
Code section requiring the posting of poll tapes. h/t Jorge Balbona 12/
PS. Jorge did get the poll tape photo he came for at this location. At other locations he visited, the tapes weren’t posted, a violation of Georgia law. 13/
Next up will be reviewing the poll tapes and comparing them to the county reported totals for those precincts. This will take a while bc we have many tapes from different states. Will let ya know the results when we have them. 14/
More info from Jorge about what happened before Georgia poll workers called security on him & illegally ejected him. 15/
It was also George (Jorge) Balbona who took this video re: Georgia’s new voting system. 16/
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