Evangelicalism is a global trans-denominational & trans-cultural theological movement that grounds itself in the 5 Solas of the reformation.

White Evangelicalism is an off-shoot of this global movement that has weaponized Protestant faith for social power thru white supremacy.
Not every Christian who is identified as white practices white evangelicalism. There are white Christians who practice evangelical faith within general stream of global evangelicalism. When I say “White Evangelicalism” I’m speaking of a tradition not labeling all white Christians
A few of the specific marks of white evangelicalism are:

1. A devotion to Republicanism.
2. Apathy or antagonism towards TRUE racial equality.
3. A desire to colonize and/or assimilate not white people into religious culture.
4. Patriarchy
5. Desire for social power.

Good book.
I don’t mind being called an evangelical, provided that it used used, contextually, in the global sense and not in the American sense. The black church is part of the global evangelical movement. Many white Christians outside of the “Bible Belt” belong to global tradition too.
The motivations and theological framework of the black church, though theologically conservative, has always been radically different than the motivations & framework of “White Evaneglicalism”. This differences have been well documented. Excellent place to start.
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