Have any investigative journalists considered exploring the Russian kompromat angle?

It’s well documented that Russia is currently interfering in Canadian politics. CSIS, US State Department, EU all report Canada as a target and been infiltrated by Russian operatives. https://twitter.com/paulvieira/status/1293561581037654018
Externally, the optics align. Political leader with a past career in music industry and recent allegations of sexual assault is now demanding Trudeau, Morneau & Telford resign, devastating the Liberal Party, and paving a path for CPC to win the election. https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2017/01/kompromat-trump-dossier/512891/
Look closer. Blanchett’s Bloc Party is under heavy scrutiny. Recent allegations of racism and refusal to universally support an NDP BLM motion in parliament have deflated the party’s regional popularity in Quebec. Significantly. Where are those voters transferring their support?
This demand of Blanchett would devastate Liberal voter base and deliver a CPC government and NDP official opposition. What is NDP approval rate in Quebec again? On the rise?

Must be just a coincidence.
What do both NDP and CPC require to win seats in federal elections? A devastated LPC, removal of its strongest leaders, a corruption scandal, demoralized centrist voters, political chaos.

Kompromot delivers all that using the WE scandal and Bloc’s declining approval rate.
If you’ve followed the supposed WE scandal, it’s clear both Charlie Angus and Pierre Poilievre have proffered disinformation as fact, since June 26, 2020. Shortly after the CSSG was formally announced.
Analysis of the accusations and conclusions offered by both actors demonstrates the evolution of a coordinated political smear. Daily criticism commencing immediately. First accusations of perceived impropriety, with assistance from third parties.
For Angus, he relied on PSAC who undermined their own public service union members on July 2, 2020 to lob accusations of transferring public jobs to the private sector. Until it was revealed the public sector actually suggested WE operate the CSSG, not Cabinet.
For Poilievre, he relied on condemnation from Volunteer Canada director, who belittled the attempt to pay volunteers below minimum wage. Confusing a grant with payment for labour.

Then Canadaland interjected accusations of WE corruption.
The accusations from both NDP and CPC metastasized from that point into criminal allegations regarding Trudeau family, including Margaret Trudeau, and her other son Sacha.

Anyone can track the daily assault on LPC from NDP & CPC on Twitter. I have screenshots JIC.
But these alleged crimes aren’t presented as allegations, they are offered as conclusions. Presented and framed as fact. While show trials are conducted through televised committees to reinforce & cement public perception that a crime has been committed.
US State Department just released a report about Russian interference in US presidential election. Clearly identifying Global Research, a Montreal based propaganda and disinformation hub, deeply connected to Russian and Chinese propagandists.
Canadian journalists have had almost 4 years to brush up on the tactics Russia uses to interfere in foreign nation’s politics. There are literally hundreds of articles, dissertations & open source military intelligence reports to choose from.
There is absolutely no excuse for MSM dropping the ball. There is a reason though. Most MSM and several network media sites are severely polarized in coverage. Perspective is skewed towards support of political ideology. Characteristics of a post truth environment.
That correct folks. We no longer have an operating fourth estate. We have articles that use emotional appeals to manipulate perception. Read an article from any news source. You’re emotionally charged by the end of the article. You categorically deny it’s veracity or 100% agree.
Truth has become relative. We no longer agree on what constitutes truth and fact. You’ve been given the liberty of constructing your own reality.

If you hate rich people, then you believe wealth corrupts. All rich people are criminals, perform corrupt actions; can’t be trusted.
It’s just accepted as truth that Kielburgers are corrupt. Canadaland articles asserted it, so it must be true. Those who believe that an accusation requires evidence, investigation and verifiable facts (i.e. not all anonymous complaints) are just fools refusing to accept truth.
That’s manipulation of your emotions. Your distrust and dislike of wealthy connected people is triggered and your reason and logic (critical thinking skills) are suppressed. Your rage regarding injustice clouds your judgement of the situation.
Want proof? The fact that evidence is not yet finished being collected means the verdict is based on conjecture, not supporting facts. Making committee testimony of accused irrelevant. The public watches to confirm beliefs, not discern truth. That’s a show trial.
If you remember more what the inquisitors asked vs what the accused replied, you’re perception of truth & fact is compromised.
So I ask again, has Canadian media even considered looking into the use of Russian kompromot to elicit Blanchett’s demand for several senior Liberal leaders? If not, why not?

Do your job and expose what’s going on. End this post truth nightmare.
We need serious investigative journalism in a democracy. If we can’t get it here, Canadians must petition trusted foreign sources to provide insight. Please join me in requesting assistance to determine truth.
@guardiannews, @OCCRP, @maddow, @carolecadwalla.

Please assist Canada to determine facts. Russian control of Canada would not be in anyone’s national interest, except Trump & Putin. Canadian journalism is dead. We need assistance to discern truth from fiction.
Giving in and avoiding humiliation of false and embellished accusations is not a viable option. Think Jeff Bezos. Surely some personal discomfort is worth protecting 35 million from a hostile NDP/CPC coalition aiming to take over Canada. Ditch the demagoguery & populism.
And if you plan on accusing me of being a conspiracy theorist, here’s a preemptive PSA. Don’t bother. I always have evidence. I don’t use conjecture. Sometimes I make informed guesses, and that’s different from creating wild conspiracy theories.
I don’t know if Blanchett is compromised. I have no idea whether he has been bribed to demand LPC leadership resign. What I’m proposing is that it’s a possibility that wouldn’t normally be considered. Because Canada is usually a pretty boring place. Its not anymore.
Most overlook that detail & assume status quo approach is sufficient. I’m stating EMPHATICALLY that’s no longer an option. We have plenty of proof NDP & CPC leadership are attempting to depose LPC government and cause an election. It’s December 2005 all over again. Same parties.
I’ve documented some of that proof in other threads. The pinned thread on my homepage is one of them.

There are over 6600 far right extremist groups seeking to impact Canadian politics. At least one, Global Research, is linked to Russia. How many more are? Is Q’Anon Russian?
Read Muellers indictments of Russian bad actors and his report to Congress, you’ll learn this isn’t Q’Anon theory territory, it’s unfortunately quite probable that Blanchett’s being manipulated. Bloc party has been attacked by NDP and cancel culture. Then an anonymous accusation.
This is the type of kompromot used by Russian FSB on a regular basis. Anonymous accusation as a warning, then the demand. Failure to cooperate means release of kompromot. Who has not been participating in WE condemnation shit show? Bloc. Blanchett.
Get on board and demand resignations or kompromot ruining career and commencement of criminal investigation ensues.

This should sound vaguely familiar. This was the approach used on Joe Biden. Using Ukraine corrupt actors that provided kompromot, and complicit investigations.
This is what Trump was impeached for by Congress. An attempt to discredit Biden because his son sat on a Ukrainian corporation’s Board of Directors.
Trump and his henchmen developed a false accusation, over several months, using several corrupt Ukrainian officials and contacts to force Ukraine’s new President into providing damning “evidence” and open an investigation into Biden.
Had patriotic Americans and a whistleblower not come forward, Biden’s reputation would be in tatters and he wouldn’t have his current approval and popularity. And a Democrat win may not be expected, like it is now.

So we have relevant recent examples to inform us.
We also have at least one Canadian political party with extensive connections to GOP Republicans and to Trump Administration. And we know Trump dislikes PMJT intensely.

Canada is one of wealthiest nations in natural resources. Which Harper sold to multiple foreign investors.
Attacking Biden’s reputation is no longer an option, using Ukraine sourced Russian kompromot. The elaborate scheme to tarnish Biden fell to pieces under scrutiny. We need similar scrutiny here in Canada regarding Trudeau/Morneau/Telford/WE scandal.
Currently, Trump is lobbing dirt regarding Muslim Brotherhood connections to Biden, & criticizing his support for Christianity. Lame and unlikely to turn the tide.

But some believe he is no longer trying to win. He intends to pull a Belarus move. Just fix the election & cheat.
If that’s the case, and it is highly likely, Trump will rely on private militias and possibly the 75,000 secret police force he mobilized on Portland and Seattle. Not enough fire power though. He’d need extra back up. The closest back up would be...

If CPC is in power in Canada, they decide whether the border is open, whether the Canadian Armed Forces intervene or not and whether five eyes intel is shared with the Trump Administration.

Is the election prior to US presidential election starting to make sense now?
Is the feeding frenzy of far left and far right accusations about WE and corruption of Trudeau, Morneau, and Telford starting to grow roots to ulterior motives? It should be. Because I have no faith Morneau could be bought for $41K. He’s super rich. He alone is worth $50M.
His wife is a McCain’s potato heiress. Combined, they are probably worth close to a billion. Selfish, self centred, greedy super rich don’t donate $100K without taking credit. Philanthropy from the wealthy isn’t necessarily just for the tax receipt.
And it’s doubtful Bill pays his own expenses. He has accountants who he pays to perform that mundane task for him. Making it entirely believable he was unaware WE hadn’t sent an invoice to be paid. The fact an uber wealthy Canadian is a public servant should be a give away.
He’s not creating more wealth for himself. His pursuits include working for an annual salary he probably earns in interest by the end of each day from his investments. He also attends voluntourism escapades in developing nations and brings his family to experience real culture.
Yeah, he’s a “robber baron”. An opportunist. The idea is so laughable it’s pathetic.

But bias propaganda that convinces the public that the wealthy are all evil greedy monsters has many buying the accusations made as truth. Emotional triggers regarding excessive wealth.
Check your bias.

And would an investigative journalist or two start loooking at NDP and CPC connections to Russian operatives in Canada and beyond the border. There’s some kind of funny business going on here.
Our naive North American innocence is lost. Adversarial foreign entities were invited, by Harper CPC, to invest and profit from Canadian resources. And they brought their subterfuge, kompromot and disinformation campaigns with them.
If you think the foreign interference in US stopped at the Canadian border, you’re seriously too gullible to offer an opinion on the veracity of WE and LPC accusations. Go read some information on Russian and Chinese influence campaigns.
And acknowledge Trump is desperate to retain power. So is everyone who profits by him retaining power. Gees Louise, who might that be? The Canadian party so desperate to unseat the PM maybe? And the party who aspires to hold second place.
Move out of post truth emotional irrationality. Stop taking information at face value. You no longer have that luxury. Tell your neighbours, friends & family. There is no belief in accusations unless it’s vetted and contains evidence. Real evidence. Not stereotypes & assumptions.
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