I don’t recall many (South) Asian Americans claiming Kamala Harris before yesterday’s announcement. 🤔
Some sure did but yesterday a whole new Twitter micro-community was started over Kamala’s Desiness. I guess being a VP nominee is what it takes to meet the standard of being accepted and recognized as Desi/Asian.
I don’t remember reading about chai and Holi in the White House (where the VP doesn’t live but ok) when she was running for president🤷🏻‍♀️
the vacuity of this brand of identity politics is
In case you’re missing the point - this isn’t about Harris’ South Asianness, but the way in which many/most (South) Asians seemed to only notice it yesterday when she was officially put on the path towards the second most powerful position in the country.
says a lot about how proximity to power reigns over certain identity politics, especially in communities with anti-Black attitudes.
and TIL her Indian side is Brahmin.
Who’s...doing that? My point is about how that part of her was ignored by people claiming it *now* after yesterday’s announcement. It’s not a slight against her, but the opportunism.
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