ADOS is to race what TERFs are to sex.
FYI, to my white followers who may not know what I'm talking about:

ADOS (American Descendants of Slaves) is a movement that basically seeks to exclude the "wrong" Black people from civil rights spaces — ie anyone who can't trace their lineage directly to a Southern plantation.
Activists with this movement are the source of these nonsense claims you're seeing on FB and Twitter that @KamalaHarris "isn't Black" or "isn't African American" because her parents came from Jamaica and India (never mind that Jamaicans are Africans from the same slave trade).
There are a lot of parallels between ADOS and TERFs.

Just like TERFs couch transphobia in language designed to sound feminist while restricting the definition of "woman", ADOS couches hatred of immigrants as support for Black reparations while restricting the def'n of "Black."
This is important context to understand when you see Black activists posting anti-Harris content questioning her ethnicity and heritage.

These activists don't speak for the Black community. There a small group of right-wing trolls with an anti-immigrant agenda.
I've been following the goings-on down this dark rabbit hole for a while, but I've mostly kept silent about it because, well, I'm white. I've felt this was not my business, it's a fight within the Black community and I've felt they have more moral standing to push back than I do.
However, now that Kamala Harris is the vice presidential nominee, we're going to see a lot of this ADOS crap leak out into the mainstream, and while Black activists are used to this, a lot of white voters might have never seen it before and not know how to respond to it.
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