1/13 Pakistan wicket keepers have mostly been enigmatic barring a couple of them. Hanif Muhammad was our first Test wicket keeper while Imtiaz Ahmad the best in Indo-Pak debuted as a fielder. Imtiaz was a resourceful batsman, an intrepid & and a stylish orthodox wicket keeper
2/13 On Pakistan’s first tour Khurshid Ahmad also went along. He wasn’t heard after that. In 1954, Shakoor Ahmad scored a hundred in a trial match & was chosen as deputy to Imtiaz. Imtiaz became a household name scoring a majestic 209 vs NZ in 1954-55 at home.
3/13 Ijaz Butt arrived in 1958-59 & lasted until 1962. Naushad Ali played against NZ. Abdul Kadir scored 95 at Karachi on debut & opened with M. ilyas in Australia in 1964. MA Latif of East Pakistan was overlooked. Then arrived Wasim Bari in 1967.
4/13 critics think having chosen Rashid Fasihuddin in 1967 was a blow to Ijaz Hussain Khappra’s talent. If anyone deserved was Ijaz. In1971, Ijaz was again overlooked & Naushad Ali was brought back as Bari’s deputy. Taslim Arif deserved hands down in the team. He was ignored
5/13 Taslim was left behind, a spectacular batsman & an acrobatic keeper. Masood Iqbal went to Australia & New Zealand in 1972-73. In 1974, Bari didn’t require a deputy such was the power. Aftab Baloch, a batsman who could bowl off spin was chosen as reserve wicket keeper.
6/13 back home to teach Wasim Bari a lesson, Shahid Israr was picked for the Karachi Test in 1976-77. Ashraf Ali toured Australia & NZ in 1976-77 & in 1978 to Eng Masood Iqbal was back. Taslim Arif went to WI in 1977 & eventually debuted in 1979 scoring 46 & 90 on debut vs India
7/13 Taslim scored 58 vs WI broke his thumb returned to post 210 not out the highest by Pakistan wicket keeper vs Australia. Taslim was at the end of his career & missed out. Ashraf Ali went to Australia as a reserve wicket keeper to Bari in 1981-82.
8/13 during rebellion Salim Yousaf made his debut vs SL in 1981-82 got injured & Ashraf replaced him for the series. Ashraf, Anil Dalpat, Zulqarnain & Salim Yousaf tossed it around. Salim stuck until Nadeem Abbasi replaced him for three Tests vs India in 1989. Salim returned.
9/13 Aamer Malik kept wickets followed by Moin Khan taking over directly from U 19s in 1990 vs WI. Rashid Latif emerged in 1992. Moin wa an able all rounder, Rashid was the best wicket keeper ever seen. Back ended issues saw Rashid relinquishing his position Moin carried on.
10/13 Rashid was a complete package but hardly took his batting seriously since his contributions were hardly required in a strong line up. Rashid underscored his batting talent. Moin would have had a tough call had Rashid not decided calling spade a spade.
11/13 like Atiq Uz Zaman who did play in a Test, Tahir Rasheed, Wasim Yousafi & Javed Qadeer missed out because of Rashid & Moin, Arif Uddin, Masood Iqbal & Taslim Arif were overlooked while Bari was there.
There after Hamuyn Farhat, Zulqarnain Haider & Kamran Akmal kept.
12/13 Kamran was a waste. He was an outstanding batsman better than the specialists. In came Adnan Akmal unfortunate to miss out due to an injury. Shakeel Ansar & Muhammad Salman also kept wickets.
13/13 Sarfraz Ahmad took on & was unceremoniously removed as Muhammad Rizwan bided his time. Bilal Ahmad missed out. Gulraiz Sadaf, Zeeshan Ashraf & Bismillah Khan were ali there. After Rashid & Moin one could see Gulraiz as a competent wicket keeoer. Sarfraz may be?
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