A thread on how @AmitShah rescued Delhi.

June 9:
Delhi Deputy CM Sissodia : "Delhi Covid cases may be 5,50,000 by July end. Seeks help.

June 14:
Amit Shah intevenes & takes charge of situation. Increased bed facilities, PPEs supply, transparency, capping of Fee done.

Over the next few days 20,000 Beds were added for COVID-19 patients.

Hospital fee capped at Rs.8000 to Rs18,000.

CCTVs for monitoring bed availability.

Proper last rites for casualties.

Amit Shah visits all the facilities not worrying consequences.

Aug 2: Amit Shah tests positive for COVID-19.

As of August 12th Delhi has around 1,48,504 cases in total with 89.83% recovery rate, defying Sissodia's prediction by 401496 cases.

Not all heroes wear capes. 🙏
Thanks for everything @AmitShah sir.

Get well soon .!

Ps: I'm not a resident of Delhi. I hope the authorities from my state -MH take inspiration from @AmitShah 's ground work and a brilliant fight for saving Delhi.
History will maybe remember Kejriwal as the CM of Delhi during the pandemic.

But people won't forget the efforts and results got after Amit Shah's intervention.
People will remember the real architect of Delhi's fight against COVID-19.

@AmitShah Warrior and beyond..! 🙏🙏🙏
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