i should stop making politics tweets but lord every time i see people busting out 'the dems are getting better, look at gay marriage' and then nobody wants to talk about how they've gotten worse for, say, muslims. and if you bring it up, you get 'that sucks, BUT-'
people embracing gay marriage long after it became politically safe to do so does not mean a party has gone left as a whole, it just means they embraced gay marriage. that's it
so much of standard democratic party discourse politics is "it's unfortunate that the muslims will keep getting oppressed and murdered by our own party, but they're acceptable losses"
same goes for, of course, other groups like indigenous people. things never get better for them, or even *worse than they were before*? you get 'that sucks, BUT-'

it's always unfortunate, it's never unacceptable
or it's an outright refusal to understand that things getting better for one group does not mean things didn't get worse for tons of other groups
biden and harris and democrats at large will absolutely do more to fund and empower the surveillance state. this will disproportionately impact already suffering and oppressed groups. them possibly becoming slightly nicer about gay rights does not change this fact.
muslims stick out a lot to me for a lot of reasons but especially because the issues they face are never even the discussion of the day, not even a debate topic. their endless suffering from america at home and abroad? not even brought up as a possible discussion. silence
they don't even get the 'yes it sucks, but we can fight for better' speech, because they don't exist in the american liberal consciousness at all. same goes for indigenous people and disabled people by and large, considered not even worth mentioning
i'm insulted as a queer person whenever i'm told to trust that dems who had to be dragged kicking and screaming to give a shit actually care about me but i also always notice how they think my concerns as a queer person are worth mentioning, but muslim people's concerns are 🤷
who is considered worthy of even being fed a lie? and i can think of lots of groups who aren't considered worth the time of even feeding a lie or mentioning at all. their needs so ignored, nobody feels compelled to even lie about doing good for them
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