niki and sunoo vids that make me smile like an idiot, a thread ;
goblin who? i only know sunki
not at how niki moved closer haha </3
he was worried for his hyung 😔
they're inseparable period
sunoo and niki debut 🥰
hi sunoo and niki hugged 🥺
niki looks like he always wanna hug sunoo lmao 😭
how come i didn't noticed this ☹️
niki was the first one to hug sunoo when he entered iland </3
brb crying
sunki breathed 😋
sunoo and niki dancing to dna 🤩
sunoo and niki holding hands
are they teasing e/o sjdhsjshsjks
sunki crumbs
sunki crumbs (2)
the wink 😔
sunoo niki dancing to we go up
crumbs 😔
it was nice meeting yall
just hug already 🙄
sinking isn't on sunki's vocabulary
they're whipped for each other that's all for today
sunki cutest 🥺 but sunki selca when?
sunki kindergartners :'))
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