Abundant Mentality vs Scarcity Mentality

Know the difference between the two and do everything
you can to build an abundant mindset

You'll be much happier

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An abundant mind doesn't care what others think of them

A scarcity mindset cares too much of what others think

Lesson = If you care too much, you will become a people pleaser and will be taken advantage of.

An abundant mind has their own, interests, hobbies and passions

A scarce mind conforms to societal interests in order to fit in

Lesson = If you try and go against what you naturally enjoy, you will end up miserable

An abundant mindset does not comfort to peer pressure. They do what they want, when they want

A scarcity mindset gives into peer pressure to avoid any tension & conflict

Lesson = Never do things just because those around are doing it. Stand strong & have your own values

An abundant mind doesn't put others on a pedestal. They treat everyone equally

A scarce mindset puts everyone above themselves at the expense of their own happiness

Lesson = No one is above or beneath you. We're all the same

An abundant mind doesn't chase after people

a scarce mindset chases after everyone in order to gain approval and validation

Lesson = Approve and validate yourself. Stop seeking it externally

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