People, I have figured out how we can enact systemic change progressive/leftist for the better. I did a lot of research, looked into historical events, all of it, and I want y’all to gather around and learn from this thread that I’m about to unleash to the world. 1/25
First, let’s talk about #BidenHarris2020 - while they were not the best choice, or the first choice for me, let alone anyone else who are strongly leftist/progressive and not a sheepish Democratic ignorant voter, they are what we call a temporary choice for now. Why? 2/25
Because as you are probably aware, it appears to be alarmingly clear that the position of POTUS and the VP position is not exactly powerful enough to lead America in terms of policies. Sure, they can sign executive orders and whatnot, but it is Congress and the Senate... 3/25
... that has the most power, as far as I know. Historical events/evidence has pointed out that 3rd progressive/leftist parties and other type of 3rd political parties has successfully replaced their original parties in the past 300+ years. 4/25
The Republican Party replaced the far right-wing extremist party known as the Whigs. That was under Lincoln. So if a party like that can be replaced by another party, then a leftist/progressive party like @4aPeoplesParty can replace either Dems or GOP. But how? 5/25
Good question; as history has shown time and time again, if a entire nation full of voters were to vote for a third party and gave at least 15% or MORE of those votes, that third party would now become very powerful and will have real political power and the ability... 6/25
... to control the budget of this nation for the next 4 years. However, I want to point out something else: many people don’t seem to realize that voting down ballot progressives/leftists in local, regional and statewide elections can actually affect Congress and the Senate. 7/25
So if we were vote for a new mayor, a new Congressperson, a new Senator, a new county supervisor, a new selectperson, etc. from rural small towns to major cities and in all 50 states, we would have 100% progressive/leftist control for sure. 8/25
That also means the more you vote locally, regionally, statewide, etc. every 2-4 years and focus on actual down ballot progressive/leftist candidates, the more likely we can effect real systemic change nationwide. It appears that any position in Congress or the Senate... 9/25
... can have the power to dictate where America can go, policy-wise for 2-4 years or 4-8 years, and not use identity politics at all. They would enact actual legislation like the #GreenNewDeal, affordable housing for all, #M4AllNow, $2,000/month during a pandemic... 10/25
... or even free education for everyone, and of course, popular policies/legislations like reparations for the #BlackLivesMatter movement and paying jobs that offers $15 an hour or MORE. Our economy would be secure, people’s lives would be safe and we would be truly free. 11/25
But it all goes back to down ballot progressive/leftist candidates. People do not seem to realize that anyone who is running for POTUS or VP doesn’t have 100% major powers to control what is to be done here in America; Congress and the Senate does, as far as I know. 12/25
I could be wrong, but if we look at how the right for women to vote became law of the land, and we look at other civil rights/human rights-related legislation became law at the land, you would see that... 13/25
... the more local you vote, the better chances it has to become federal law permanently. Gay marriage became federal law. How? Because more local votes from towns, cities, states, etc. all influenced the law to become law of an entire NATION. 14/25
So, if a law like that, or a law to ensure that women have the right to vote can become federal law in exactly the same way that I just mentioned to you, then systemic progressive/leftist changes can be enacted if you keep voting locally and statewide. 15/25
In other words, stop worrying about the #BidenHarris2020 ticket; that’s not a major problem (yet) - let’s keep voting locally, regionally and statewide for candidates who will go to D.C. to REPRESENT the 99% for a change. 16/25
By then, we will finally be able to have third parties to choose from, enact progressive/leftist legislation to become local, state AND eventually federal laws, create new Bills of Rights for marginalized communities, update the Constitution, etc. 17/25
Our lives, whether you’re a BIPOC, Deaf/HoH, Disabled, a member of a Indigenous tribe/nation, a immigrant, a sex worker, part of the working poor class, middle class or upper class, white, LGBTIQQA+, etc. would improve dramatically in a good way by local voting. 18/25
And it won’t even matter if you’re a Democratic or Republican voter, or a third-party voter, or a Christian, a Muslim, Pagan, Agnostic, Satanist, etc., because we would all finally be equal with legislation that benefits the 99%, not the 1%. 19/25
Hate will finally have no home anywhere in all 50 states and U.S. territories. We would be able to amend the treaties we signed with all Indigenous tribes/nations and give more of their lands back to them. We would end climate change and have basically saved the world. 20/25
Everyone would get a free education. Affordable housing would end homelessness and no one would ever go hungry again. Extreme poverty would improve in a big way. More jobs will come back to America. Universal healthcare would be a reality... 21/25
... and even the rich will finally pay their fair share of taxes to make all that happen too. And let’s not forget that we can finally imprison the corrupt and #AbolishICE, #DefundThePolice, shut down the prison-industrial and military-industrial complex, etc. 22/25
The list goes on. Every single social issue, human issue, etc. would actually be resolved peacefully and without bigotry, hate, xenophobia, homophobia, whorephobia, sexism, racism, ableism, audism, fatphobia, queerphobia, biphobia, etc. through the policies we enact. 23/25
If we’re serious about getting Trump and the GOP out of office this year and for the next 4-8 years, we need to keep voting for all local, county/regional and statewide down ballot candidates that represents the 99%. Then and only then, we can make real change. 24/25
So, in conclusion, I say the #BidenHarris2020 ticket is not something we should worry about, leftists/progressives. We’ll vote for them, but we won’t like it. In the meantime, let’s keep voting for all down ballot candidates to fill up Congress and the Senate. Thank you. 25/25
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