How many people know anything about the Jan 2017 Intel Assessment (ICA) other than as a pretext for delivering Steele dossier into public view? Public version is astonishingly, even embarrassingly, empty of content.
2/ nominally, it is 25 pages long, but the text of report itself is only 4 weak pages. 8 of 25 pages are title pages, table of contents or "intentionally empty", 7 pages are annex concerning RT in 2012 (!) election, 4 pages (3 separate sections) are throat-clearing disclaimers,
3/ 2 pages are given over to a summary of the mere 4 pages of "content". One of the precious 4 pages of content was given over to Soviet era allegations.
4/ so, whatever the truth may rest in respect to Russian interference, no one should be under any illusion that the ICA was an informative and convincing document. The few pages of text contain very little evidence. Instead, they are repeated assertions of conclusions.
5/ here is the topline assessments: that Putin sought to "denigrate" Clinton, that Putin had "clear preference for Trump" and, when it appeared that Clinton was going to win, sought to "undermine" her presidency. Any of this sound familiar in light of Russiagate hoax?
6/ Contemplate an equivalent ICA assessment of the IC itself. Could one fairly say:

"We further assess the US Intelligence Community developed a clear preference for Presidential candidate Clinton."

Answer is obvious.
7/ /what about this:
"When it appeared to Democrats and U.S. intel community that candidate Trump had won the election, their influence campaign then focused on undermining his presidency."
8/ but it's the lack of evidence in ICA which is most frustrating. Plus the interpretation of anything as confirmation of their theories. Look at these two comments on first page. That Putin tried to hep Trump "when possible" by publicly "contrasting her unfavorably". But also
9/ that Putin also "avoided directly praising President-elect Trump" out of concern that it would backfire. This inconsistent piffle is literally within a few lines of each other.
10/ the ICA also expressed concern that Putin and Trump might achieve the "counterterrorism coalition" against ISIS - which, incidentally, was advocated by Flynn. As opposed to de facto alliance by Brennan and Obama admin with AlQaeda for regime change in Syria.
11/ Obama's Dec 29 sanctions against GRU and GRU officials were surgically designed to decapitate Flynn's desired counterterrorism coalition: GRU is MILITARY intelligence, which Flynn's DIA had coordinated with.
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