Rather than be enraged by this tweet, I have signed up to give a monthly donation to the new housing facility for homeless people and families that was recently built in my neighborhood: @FriendshipPlace.
They are my neighbors, not an invasion.
https://friendshipplace.org/give/donate-now/ https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1293517514798960640
I encourage everyone to respond to this tweet by (a) giving a contribution to local facilities in your community that are doing low-income and transitional housing work, (b) doing so in the name of the President, and (c) tweeting about it.
Please post screenshots of your donations in the replies to this thread, so that people can see how the president's vileness has mobilized support for housing. Also, tweet links to the facilities to which you donated, so that others in your community can do so easily.
I have decided that never again will tweet in anger or snark in response to anything the president says. I will, instead, try to channel it to raise money for the folks who doing good work on the values he defiles.
That's all I got.
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