Yesterday, Gold experienced its worse day in 7 years. Wall Street & Financial Media would like you to believe this occurred do to an improving economy. The 10 Year Note rose from last weeks lows of .5% to .65%. The $ rallied all of 1%; make no mistake about it, this was an...
...organized intervention in the Gold market. Would any rational investor decide to sell their Gold for the next 10 years and own a Treasury at .65% vs. .5%, with the Federal Reserve increasing money supply at a 20% + annual rate? Treasury wants you to buy Bonds, Wall Street..
..wants you to buy their bankrupt derivatives paper, so they can get their bonus. The Fed wants to believe they are the wizard of Oz (nothing to see behind that curtain). Unfortunately, the vast majority of U.S. investors are momentum investors. They will look at yesterdays...
..volatility & listen to their "I told you so financial advisors" & hold their 60-40 portfolios at record valuations. The Fed will continue to print, Treasury will continue to borrow. A year from now it will take more $s to buy Gold. Our miners finances will continue to explode..
..Welcome to the Precious Metals Sector. Wall Street & Washington's public enemy #1. If you can't handle the volatility, you are positioned wrong. As I have been saying for the past 2 years, the commercials control the offer. The Rest of the World controls the bid!
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