Another quiet weather day locally. ☀️

In the meantime, we continue to wrap up Monday's significant severe weather event. Wind damage was widespread to trees, crops, and some structures, utilities, and vehicles. More on Monday's derecho event:  #ILwx
Still asking "what is a derecho"? That's ok, thankfully these don't happen often. A derecho is a long-lasting, intense complex of storms producing wind damage, some quite significant, over a large area. This region sees 1-2 a year, though Monday's was a rarer higher end one.
Derechos have an ominous look out the window as they approach and often have a distinct look on radar imagery too. Various radar attributes help tell us meteorologists a lot about them and help us hone in on messaging and warnings in advance, including embedded tornado potential.
Monday's event reminded us of the importance of being weather-ready and checking on the forecast. Preparedness and practice are important and allow for the right response in an efficient manner when weather threatens. Thanks again for sharing hazardous weather info! #ILwx #INwx
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