What is Hiṃsā and Ahiṃsā?

These two words are some of the most misinterpreted words, often translated to Violence and non-violence.

But that's not correct in this thread I will try to explain real meaning of these terms according to Rishi Vyas.
Hiṃsā is of three types -

▪︎krita (Done by self)
▪︎kārita (instructed someone else to do)
▪︎anumodita (appreciated)

Krita means the act of Himsā done by self, kārita means I am instructing or motivating someone else to do himsā and anumodita means someone else...
did himsā and I am appreciating it that's my anumodita Hinsā karma.

So not only I will face consequences of acts done by me but also of acts done by someone else which I motivated him to do or I appreciated him after he did it.
Now each of these 3 have further 3 types according to reason behind the act-

▪︎Ignorance/delusion (Moha)


Greed- KiIIing animals for meat, fur.

Anger- for revenge or jealousy

Ignorance- harming others thinking it will lead to heaven
Further these 3 types have 3 subtypes and these subtypes has further 3 subtypes so total there are 81 types of Himsā.
Acts done with these 3(Anger, Greed, Ignorance) behind them are called Himsā acts not motivated by any of these 3 cannot be called himsa.

Any act harming others which was motivated by these 3 is called Himsā.
Hence soldiers kiIIing terr0rists are not doing himsā because they are doing it to protect people not because of greed anger or ignorance.
Today definition of Hinsā has been limited to - Not harming or injuring anyone in any way, that's wrong and very impractical, because criminals and terr0rists must be punished and eliminated.
M.K Gandhi promoted this definition of ahimsā which is very different from the original one.

Popularization of this caused a distortion in our understanding of Dharma
Bheeshma in Mahabharata says Ahimsā is identity of Dharma, one should do only Ahimsa karma
Ahimsā is foremost (Dharma, self restraint, charity, and tapasya)
Then he says even if one keeps speaking for 100 years one cannot cover the benefits of Ahimsā

This is the real meaning and importance of ahimsā, our ancestors who fought invaders did not do Himsā, their acts were for self defence and not due to greed anger or ignorance.
Bhagwan Krishna, Bhagwan Ram all fought battles and destroyed the Adharmis, because that was not Himsa that was right thing to do that was Dharma.

अहिंसा परमो धर्मः
For further details see Maharishi Vyasa Bhashya of Yogdarshan 2.34
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