Yesterday @UK100_’s Director @PollyBillington hosted a ‘how to’ webinar on mini-publics, to provide local authorities with the knowledge to make their #ClimateEmergency declarations a reality (1/10
The webinar provided answers to questions such as what is a #CitizensAssembly.

Essentially, they’re a representative sample of a community that come together to deliberate on issues and make recommendations to decision makers 📺 (2/10
The often confusing distinction between #CitizenAssemblies and #CitizenJurys was dispelled, with the main difference being the number of people involved 3/10
@DrCHowarth noted the many benefits for local authorities in commissioning their own #ClimateAssemblies, such as enabling more inclusive policy making to happen (4/10
Most importantly, as highlighted by @lucycjstone they empower decision makers with the political mandate to take bold, ambitious climate action 🗣 (5/10
The webinar provided a technical insight into the logistics of organanising a #CitizenAssembly.

Acknowledging the seriousness of the issue @PNBryant recommended that a minimum time of 30 hours would help to ensure legitimacy ⏰ (6/10
An minimum cost of £35k was suggested for a #CitizensJury.

However, partnerships and crowdfunders can help to overcome the financial barriers that this presents to many local authorities already overstretched and under resourced, especially right now 💰 (7/10
Overall, #CitizensAssemblies can be vehicles for ambitious local climate action, and by bringing broad coalitions of people together to deliberate on #ClimateChange they could provide a strong mandate for a #GreenRecovery as we decide how best to #BuildBackBetter (8/10
If you’re considering organising a mini-public then here are some top tips for making them a success ✅ (9/10
The full webinar will be made available for viewing shortly 📺

In the meantime, If you’re insterested In #CitizenAssemblies then do listen to @GreenAllianceUK’s podcast ft. @NetZeroUK’s expert lead, @Bankfieldbecky 🔊 👉 https://bit.ly/2yiBOUU  (10/10)
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