GUYS, I THINK I CRACKED Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean I think I made a discovery…a real life discovery. Please read this thread!!!!!

I just want to wake people up. I can say with 100% positivity that Q is real and the proofs, heading up to election day...
...will become more and more true. We are going to be laughing and cheering by the end of this movie. We will see the blackout, and as more people are watching, we are going to get more and more excited.
3/ Trump will be the HERO of the movie and THE BEST PRESIDENT TO HAVE EVER LIVED!!!
4/ I know I sound like a madman, but I finally figured it out.

Q says WE ARE WATCHING a MOVIE!!!! We are ACTUALLY watching a movie play out. It’s playing out. It has been playing out for the last 20 or so years, but definitely since October 28, 2017 (Q’s first post).
5/ Here are some of Q’s phrases that he says repeatedly…”You are watching a movie.” “You’re going to love how this story ends.” “A good movie needs good actors.” “Patriots are in control.”
6/ All of this is being played out by the MSM right now on all sides. All sides. Every national story you are currently watching this year is completely fake. “The War is Real. The News is Fake.”
7/ Many Qanons feel that the “War is Real” means that the war is happening right now, and Trump and the Military are behind the scenes doing battle.

Guess what? It’s not happening right now. It’s already over. It’s already over. They’ve already won. The Patriots have.
8/ What we are watching with Q is a Mass Military Operation to wake up the entire country from Mind Control. The operation isn’t to arrest, convict, take over the Deep State. The Deep State lost when Trump won. They already lost.
9/ What we’re watching is the “Fake News” tell us the story in order to wake people up slowly, to prevent hysteria, to prevent chaos, to prevent mainly (denial).

“It had to be done this way,” Q said.
10/ If the three-letter agencies have been hijacked for years, then the CIA, Deep State, International Cabal…could have easily put us under a mass hypnosis.
11/ What Q is doing from online is waking people up from one end. What the main stream media is now doing is waking people up from the other end.
12/ Think how many articles, news shows, specials, websites that you have seen over the last month completely bash and censor Q.
13/ It’s okay! They are not really censoring Q, for they’re brining more attention to it, and waking more people up. People need to be “shown” gradually. We are actually being invited into the MOVIE!!! #Qanon #OANN?...
14/(Side note: in a couple of months you're going to see OANN and Qanons become the co-stars of the show...Trump and Military are benevolent, and they want us to feel good. They want us to feel whole.)
15/ There really is nothing to worry about. The next 90 days are going to be the most exciting, thrilling, life-changing time that the world will ever know! “You’re going to love how this story ends.”
16/ You are watching a big budget Hollywood movie play out in real time. What you need to start to do is put the pieces together like a film script. You really have to do that. Think Spielberg. “Symbolism will be their downfall.” Think Summer Popcorn movie.
17/ Think The Hero's Journey.

Think, THE ODYSSEY! Odysseus = ?

18/ Remember what happens in the Odyssey…

Odysseus is out to sea for 10 years during the Trojan War. He returns home in disguise. His dog, Argos, is the only one who recognizes him when he returns (dog communications lately?)
18/ What prodigal son was lost at sea some time ago to fight a war (The Information War, WWIII we are in)…to return in disguise (JFK Jr. in disguise at rallies…?)
19/ If this is “The Greatest Story” ever told, the script writers seem to be pulling from The Odyssey.

Basically, what the Q team (Patriots) have done is:
20/ Develop a vast “de-programming” system for the Mind Control that Americans and some others around the World.
Use a Hollywood movie Blockbuster feel, Hero’s Journey storyline, and The Odyssey (JFK Jr’s Return) to wake people up over a three year period.
21/ They would do this from two directions:

First direction:

The MSM gradually letting people know about Q through the "conspiracy theory" lens.

By the time Q starts (October 28th, 2017) all the major players behind the scenes know the War (WW III of the information variety)
22/ has already been won by the Patriots.

However, some will say, Why doesn’t Trump and his guys, at that point, come out and just say everything that the Deep State has been doing: the mind control,child trafficking, the central banks, Obamagate, & the destruction of America?
23/ Because, here’s what would happen:

The vast majority of Americans and people around the world would consider Trump to be crazy, and there would be wide support for immediate impeachment.
He would be laughed out of office by all.
24/ NO ONE (except a skeptical few) would be woken up! People would still be under mind control (everyone, yes even you.) You may still be reading this, but you have to understand that this is VAST. The entire MSM/Fake News is currently showing you a daily scripted show.
25/ That’s why TRUMP is perfect for the “ROLE” of President. He is the PRESIDENT, but he’s also ACTING as the president. Think…what did Trump do before? REALITY TV. Also TABLOIDS. Played around with SNL and PRO WRESTLING. He knows how the story works.
26/ Trump is doing a dark to light turn. He’s going from the BAD GUY to the GOOD GUY. The DEEP STATE, OBAMA, Hillary are going from the GOOD GUYS to the BAD GUYS. He’s doing the opposite of a “heel turn” in wrestling.
27/ Trump will eventually become our hero in the movie.
He will be a SUPER GENIUS, GREATEST ACTOR, GREATEST PRESIDENT, and GREATEST AMERICAN of all time. He will take over Mt. Rushmore.
28/ This is why this year has been sooooo bizarre! We are entering the CLIMAX of the MOVIE. All the characters are known, the plots are in order, the rising action is happening, and we have our popcorn and our seats. WE ARE LITERALLY watching the most AMAZING
blockbuster movie..
29/ As more and more people wake up, they will REALIZE they are ACTUALLY WATCHING Reality TV come to life on the nightly news. People will be grabbing their popcorn. It will be “must see” viewing.
Think about when the Virus started in the USA? Right after the impeachment. Then, the MURDER HORNETS and TP shortage (think about it: those are the light-hearted moments in a huge blockbuster). The ones where dad rolls his eyes and say, "Oh...Of course they have murder hornets!")
31/ Then, the race riots from George Floyd. What do those do? Distract. Another plot line. Some would say, "Well what about the actual people dying? The actual people suffering from COVID and the RIOTS..."
32/ Well, those are part of the script and real life. People that are dying are an average of 78 years old. That's the actual life expectancy in the USA. So, they're just taking people that die of the flu, pneumonia, other infections and making them COVID deaths. They aren't...
33/ killing people on purpose. They are benevolent, not malevolent. Some would say, that's're telling people their family member died of COVID as a lie. Well, the Deep State and MSM have been lying to you for decades! The Patriots are lying in order to deprogram you..
34/ The death numbers are going down because it's summer and old people don't die of the flu or pneumonia as much in the summer, so they can't get as many "COVID deaths." But they can get tests! If people test, they can get positive numbers.
35/ More and more you will see Trump looking like a hero in the did he know to say on Friday that "you may not see me for a while...I have rich and powerful enemies." Then, on MONDAY, only FIVE minutes into his press conference, he is escorted out by Sec. Serv?
36/ It's part of a plot in a movie! His lines allowed him to say that, then look like a prophetic hero on Monday. He's not looking into the future, he's not time traveling...what he's doing is he's acting out a script. So is CNN, so is FOX, so is OANN, so is MSNBC...
37/ So are Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Bar, Michael Flynn...etc. Now, are those people alive, dead, in prison, have doubles, or deep fakes, I don't know.
38/ However, as you look at the drops (2 year deltas for the next 2 months. Then 3 year deltas for the following 10 days or so...) you are going to see more and more of the script play out with Trump and the FAKE NEWS. The literal FAKE NEWS that's showing us this movie...
39/ That's why this is called the GREAT AWAKENING. We are waking up. The Q team and program isn't there to give you secret information that the president is actively playing out. They couldn't. It would be too risky. What they are doing is telling you the plot of the film that...
40/...we are all watching in real time. The Anons job now is to continue to wake people up. Not that Trump is bad/good and Obama/Hillary/Biden are good/bad; but that the entire national media and major storylines are a vast program to wake up the masses...a deprogramming...
41/ The best part about it is the good guys have already won! We get to watch a movie together as a country, as a world, as people. We get to wake up together from our slumber. We get to have a mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, psychological, financial...
...revival in the USA and around the WORLD. Countries will be free from the mind control. Free from the Deep State. Free from the Central Banks. Free from Global Warming. Free from terrorism and the 9/11 story. Everything you've known to be true the last 20-30 years has been...
43/...a lie. BUT, This is going to end VERY WELL!!!Patriots are in COMPLETE CONTROL. You are LITERALLY watching a movie. LITERALLY. @X22Report @JuliansRum #Qanon #WWG1WGA @dbongino @realDonaldTrump @DanScavino Please help me spread this thread!!! I want to help the PATRIOTS!!!
@PrisonPlanet @benshapiro @joerogan @ConceptualJames @Cernovich please help spread this. Please give your thoughts. :)
@RealCandaceO please check out this thread and let me know what you think! We are watching a movie.
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