Some lessons/questions that campaigners and comms people in charity sector should take away from this excellent bit of comms from @benandjerrysUK on migration.

A thread:
1 - your comms should centre around a key value: humanity is a clear message throughout the thread, both centring on the humanity of asylum seekers and the way that govt and media narrative dehumanises them.
2 - your comms should counter prevailing narratives when they run against your values: they centre the experiences of asylum seekers to humanise them and make experiences relatable. Counter right wing narratives that dehumanise them, especially those of people as 'illegal'
3 - call out the tactics and narratives of your opponent: by calling out the idea of strong borders and narrative of 'illegal immigration' they further counter prevailing anti-migrant narrative. Bring those narratives to surface to expose what they really are - xenophobia.
4 - reiterate key message throughout comms: they return to points on the humanity of asylum seekers at end to make their values and perspectives on this crystal clear. No beating around the bush, no sitting on the fence. They take a side in the debate.
5 - they are selling their values, not their product: brand is clearly important, but they are saying these things because they believe that injustice is being done and are communicating their values and feelings on injustice. Selling their product is not the point.
6 - speak to a clear target and don't be afraid to be critical of them: Message clearly directed at Home Sec, target is clear throughout and not afraid of being critical of target. Sometimes we put relationships with ministers above our values and tone down our criticism.
7 - negative response from a target is sometimes a win, don't be afraid of it: the critique of B&J that has followed from Home Sec and conservatives has been a win, because they are engaging with the narrative and arguments presented by B&J. We shouldn't be afraid of criticism.
That's everything from me, at least at the moment. What are your thoughts on all this? What should we learn on centring our values in our comms?

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