The #WritingCommunity is like my workplace, but all I see is staffroom tweets.
I want a Work Room. From plot & character development to editing (+critical reader), query & synopsis talk. For Q&A, experience, resource & opportunity sharing.
So, welcome to #StrictlyWriting.
To get acquainted in the #StrictlyWriting Room, tell us something you're learning as a writer or would like to learn more about.
Feel free to interact, ask questions and help each other out with info, resource etc sharing if applicable. (I will too -that's how I twitter 😉).
I'm learning to show character emotions through actions (personal experience is useless there).
I've learnt that having every variation of query (5/10/50 etc pages) prepared makes Round 2 of #AmQuerying a LOT faster.
& I'm curious about self publishing. Cue #StrictlyPublishing?
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