Rolling funds and other alternative funding mechanisms improve access to capital for disadvantaged and underrated founders. Diversity in funding is the result.
Some of the gatekeepers of capital may not be happy with this. But ultimately, it's a good thing for all.
The same way players like Robinhood have brought easy access to previously unreachable or hard to reach investments like stocks and EFTs.
A lot of the bullishness on the markets is due to broader access to the markets by more people, even if they have smaller portfolios. You can now download an app and buy Tesla or Apple, whether you're sitting in New York or Lagos. Whether you are worth 5M or 1,000.
And this growth isn’t going anywhere. Africa, India, Asia are all getting access to previously unreachable US stock markets. This bullishness will be here for long.
You can call it a bubble because companies are overvalued. But it’s also because the number of buyers is increasing and they’ll keep buying.
Access is getting democratized; we are crushing the party, and the incumbents are not happy. But this cannot be reversed.
And it won't stop at funding or the stock markets. We are also here for crypto, commodities, and fractional ownership of high-value sneakers, cars, and real estate.
People who have never left a village in Malawi will own a piece of real estate in London.
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