we should always push our community members to be more radical and imaginative, but y’all are telling people who can’t afford homes or life saving medicine to center anti-imperialism, and it’s not making sense I’m sorry😓
like obviously yes...but also...my 50 year old coworker can’t even conceptualize the implications of US neocolonialism....she’s just learning the nuances of that concept...her husband died and she’s trying to figure out who will maybe make her bills cheaper.
my point isn’t that people shouldn’t be saying that, I think it’s that people should be saying it in a more nuanced way?
I know were not “supposed” to say stuff like this, but I’m consistently fascinated by how we as leftists often introduce concepts into mainstream conversations, as if everyone is using these lenses, and that the lens is clear and understandable and readily applicable
I guess what I’m trying to say is that a lot of what is being said, while true, means literally nothing to people who are most at risk to feel the daily impact of federal decisions, so I’m unclear as to why so many of y’all are pretending like people are being obstuse.
and this isn’t about voting or electoral politics, per se, but more so about the idea that having a lens that considers anything outside of ones day to day immediate needs is just not a present reality for a lot of people.
Ok I’m done, but this reminds me of the thread that said we need to hold poor 18 year olds accountable for joining the army to escape poverty because regardless they should know better. like.....the dots are not connecting, my friends.
why are y’all retweeting this!!! there are so many typos and a gratuitous overuse of commas!!!!
before this gets taken completely out of context, the people at the poles of this conversation are people who are radicalized and people who aren’t there just yet.
this is muted but for clarity’s sake—this is about political education, not voting. imperialism is used here as an example of concepts that extend beyond ones immediate reality. we should center global struggle, but my point was making it more accessible by meeting ppls needs
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