My GM is from Dumbarton, Jamaica, near Browns Town. In the coming months and years you will hear ignorant people say Kamala Harris’s “family” owned slaves.

Short thread on this. 1/
Browns Town is named after the plantation that land once was, owned by the notorious slaver Hamilton Brown. One of the biggest property owners in British Jamaica. A lot of people in Browns Town have the last name Brown. They all assume they were descended from Hamilton Brown. 2/
Kamala Harris’s father wrote an article in which he said his grand mother, Christiana Brown, was descended from Hamilton Brown. Here is a photo of Christiana. She is obviously Black. 3/
I will have to dig again (haven’t written about this in a year) to find the estate records of Hamilton Brown, but when he died, listed among his estate were numerous “slave” children with their mothers identified but no father. 4/
Many others of the enslaved on his estate had both parents listed. This is when both parents were also enslaved.
*All* were given the last name Brown - so having that last name is not the indicator people think it is. But it’s a twisted thing that exists in Jamaica to have pride in the idea that you are descended from the slaver. 6/
Browns Town is FULL of people who believe they are descended from Hamilton Brown but they *all* know they were not members of his family or heirs.

He left no acknowledged children.
What it really means that Donald Harris says they are descended from Hamilton Brown is that he *believes* his ancestor was raped in slavery by Hamilton Brown.
Take note also - the “fatherless” children may have had overseers, etc as rapists fathers. Not necessarily Hamilton himself.

What this really means is that Harris’s ancestors shared the same traumas as most women in slavery.

PS. My bad. Those estate records were not from his death, but from the dissolution of his plantation.
This is not the record I have in my files somewhere - still have to dig that up - but it’s similar
The other listed fathers or fatherless
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