What's happening at the #agedcarerc right now is extraordinary. Counsel assisting Rozen is trying to get a simple answer to a simple question: did the COVID aged care plan include any mention of the federal government's responsibilities?

Michael Lye cannot answer. #auspol
Brendan Murphy, who is sitting beside Lye, covers his mouth with his hands, and whispers "Australian government document" to Lye - coaching Lye to answer that government's role is implied because it was a government document.

The whisper is picked up on mic. #auspol #agedcarerc
Counsel assisting Rozen has to ask Murphy whether he has whispered the answer to Lye.

Awkward silence.

"I was stating that it is a government document," Murphy says sheepishly. My god #auspol #agedcarerc
If the most senior health bureaucrat handling aged care cannot answer a simple question of whether responsibilities - including federal responsibilities - were spelled out in the aged care COVID plan without being whispered to, we are in deep shit #auspol #agedcarerc
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