I can't believe what I'm finding. The Climate Institute is connected to the World Preservation Foundation which is the Supreme Master Ching Hai cult and connected to Ricky Dearman THREAD http://archive.is/Ttmvt#selection-1523.0-1529.42
The website for the World Preservation Foundation gives their address as 7 BAYWOOD GARDENS, BRIGHTON, BN2 6BN http://archive.is/euPZ4 
The company OKO Ventures Ltd. is registered at this address

OKO Ventures had 5 officers:

Ludo and Otto Brockway who run Broxstar Productions. Clients: BBC, Branson, Saatchi http://ludobrockway.com/clients 
Another officer at OKO Ventures Ltd. was Mark Galvin who is also registered at Supreme Master TV

The fifth officer at OKO Ventures Aseem Kawatra is connected to Ricky Dearman https://twitter.com/Medea_Matters/status/1293109842098487296
Mark Galvin has also registered The World Preservation Foundation Ltd at Unit 35, Newhaven, East Sussex BN9 9BA

Coincidentally, that address is a few minutes away from the Enterprise Works warehouse fire. The company which works with the migrant baby charity

Euromonitor International has partnerships with Humanity & Inclusion (hi), Médecins Sans Frontières (msf), Unity in Health and Walkabout Foundation.

Stirling Square owns National Fostering Group, a group of 14 independent fostering agencies. There is some concern about this network as this thread shows: https://twitter.com/FCWUnion/status/1273253836895989760
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