Y’all getting unemployment. If you saved a decent amount of that buy Apple and buy Tesla. “But Otis Tesla is at $1,400 and Apple is at $436”
Shutup for a lil and listen. Apple is doing a 4-1 split and Aug 31 meaning on Sept 1st the price is gon to be 1/4 th of the previous price
Tesla doing a 5-1 split meaning it’ll be trading 5 times lower than its price on Aug 31st. Errbody say “I wish I could’ve invested in Tesla and 300” well if you was smart and kept bread on you, then you can.
If you was busy spending yo unemployment on bullshit then disregard this thread lmao and try not to scuff them J’s you spent 500 dollars on....which is enough to buy a share of Apple which turns into 4 shares on Sept 1st
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