#Kinkyshima2020 Prompt 9: Blindfold

🤗Nice People Win Sometimes
💪♀️🧩Pansexual Intersex Hagakure Toru, AFAB terms
😎Confident, Bisexual Kiri
🏫Class 3A, they're 18
😒Gender norms suck
🔞future science lets us ride bareback safely
☹️Toru needs more love
Toru is the class bicycle: easy to sneak in and out. She's a walking kink, a substitute, a blank canvas. But Eijirou shows her that you don't have to be seen to be /seen/ - you just need to BE HELD.

Read the longform here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/25853818 
I headcanon that Toru self-identifies as female and uses female pronouns but is intersex and proud of it. She knows what's going on with her body, and no one gets to tell her how and what she's supposed to be. Please note the AFAB terms. If you need to skip this, I understand.
This one's not so much horny-kinky-sweaty as intellectually kinky. This is for all the womxn fighting the gross double standards out there. Also, my girl Toru needs some thoughtful, compassionate dick, so who better than Kiri to give it?
A totally scientific poll said "Confident, Nice Boy Kiri" should take the spotlight, but it was a close call, so I've added some shades of the other options in… https://twitter.com/FeyPenDragon/status/1292879785945964546?s=20
Oh, and just so we're clear: the gross purple one in Class A has been yeeted, and in his place is the excellent purple one, Shinsou, to spare Toru - and all of us - from such smarmy indignity. (Neither actually appear in this story, though.)

There's hardly anyone in Class 3A - or even Class 3B - who /hasn't/ had sex with Hagakure Toru at least once.

No one mentions it, least of all her, because no one wants to really talk about /why/ she's so popular.
Because she's not, really. Popular, that is. She's just...convenient.

With Toru's quirk being the way it is, well, it's easy for her to sneak in and out of rooms unseen, leaving all parties free of judgment or worry about being caught.
It's also easy for whoever is fucking her to pretend she's someone else. An extra shirt or a pilfered hat, maybe a wig, or let her put on a strap and /bam!/, in the half-light she's the person you really want.
The number of whispered confessions she's heard - come /on/, people, can't you just talk to each other? But she never breathes a word to anyone else. What happens in bed, stays in bed.
Other times she's literally nobody - just a tight hole or a warm mouth or a thick strap, a living figment of your imagination. People sometimes forget that if she's not seen that /she/ can see, but that's the way of it.
There are a couple of regulars Toru has - she won't name names, of course - who just enjoy her quirk. They get off looking at themselves in the mirror fucking into nothing, watching a cock or fingers or a toy disappear into thin air.
Girls, boys, gremlins, birds, doesn't matter - everyone's got someone they're pining after or mad at or... something. Everyone needs an outlet. Everyone needs a way to say things without /saying/ things. Everyone needs to get off.

So what does she get out of it, you may ask?
She gets her fair share of sex, for sure. She likes it. It's fun and feels good, for the most part. Sometimes it's a bit boring, but honestly they're all just teenagers who are desperate for release. She's got some rules, which everyone respects.
But what she really wants from all of it is a sense of being /needed/ or, at least, valued.

Toru doesn't have the usual body issues - she loves her body, knows she's hot and fit.
She works out, has excellent strength and speed, and incredibly good fine-muscle control to maintain her silent stealth for attacks.

She's proud of her body and how special it is.
Outside of using her quirk for heroics, though, Toru thinks that one's body doesn't really /matter/. The problem is for people who /do/ have visible bodies: to them, it's often necessary for a body to be present in order for people to know she's there.
So she wears a lot of cute fashion and accessories - things that float in the air as an approximation of her /self/. But clothes only tell so much about a person.

Clothes are a costume. A proxy. A symbol. A crutch.
Toru has gotten in the habit of speaking less, too, because her reactions to conversations often come as a surprise, and she feels like she's intruding. It's made her better at pretending to be someone else's body.
Toru, like the rest of her family, navigates the world as an invisible person in a world full of the visible, but she's very attuned to those who don't /need/ to see.
Her parents run a business that hires only blind and visually-impaired people, so she's always had a supportive community around her.

But in her ambition to be a hero, she's had to live in a space that doesn't always suit her. It's not that she minds so much as it gets tiring.
So when she gets direct acknowledgment of her presence - deliberate, non-accidental contact - it's satisfying in a way that just being a school doesn't give her.

You can imagine, then, how surprised Toru is when one Kirishima Eijirou says:
"Hey, Toru-chan! There you are! You feeling better today?"

It's 10pm in the common room of the 3A dorm. She's in her most boring pajamas. She's making chamomile tea.

This is not what she expected for her quiet Monday evening in.

"Wh- Oh, hi, Eijirou-kun. I'm...fine?"
The fact that he's seeking her out catches her off guard.

Not that he has any reason to avoid her - they're friends after all.

Oh, and they've had sex before.

Which means she's someone to care about - at least, according to Eijirou.
"That's not very convincing. You sure? You've been looking pretty blue for a while," he says, concerned.

/Looking. A little...blue?/

Eijirou can't see her raise an eyebrow, but somehow he senses it, because his eyes go wide and he smacks his own forehead.
"OH! No - I didn't mean, /looking/ looking, I mean...you...it was…"

Toru laughs and pats his arm reassuringly. "I'm not offended by that, Eijirou. Thanks for checking up on me. I guess I have been a little down in the dumps. I'm surprised you noticed, is all."
Her voice is naturally expressive, her tone being one of the few ways to make her real self obvious. Eijirou perks up when he hears the smile in her words. He holds out a hand palm-up and she puts her own into it.
"You sounded like there was something really weighing on you, especially this week, and I thought maybe you could use some cheering up. Y'know. Like, um, like you did for me. Last year. With the...incident."

Ah, yes. /The Incident/.
Eijirou had gone through a massive growth spurt in their second year, shooting up practically overnight and filling out so fast people wondered if he hadn't been hit by a quirk.
And then he /was/ hit by a quirk - a gender change quirk that turned him into a girl for a full week: a girl the size of a tank, with shoulders like a bull and hips to match.

It didn't help that he was in his hero outfit and on patrol.
Crying at the sudden public exposure of his - uh, her - chest, the raucous laughter of onlookers, and his general confusion, Eijirou had tried his best to carry on with his work-study day, but to no avail.
Toru had been there, and stripped off her own special hero gear for Eijirou to tie around her chest like a bandeau.

They'd hurried back to UA, and Toru had comforted poor crying Eijirou, keeping their classmates at bay with a toned-down version of the story.
Some jerk in third year saw Eijirou in the cafeteria the next day and declared loudly, "That's the ugliest girl I've ever seen!"
Then Toru punched that guy in the nuts and flipped him hard onto the ground, telling him, "And you're the biggest assclown no one's interested in seeing! So get lost, you creep!"
Poor Eijirou had tried so hard not to cry.

Toru led her back to her dorm room and kissed her tear-streaked cheeks. Then kissed her lips. Then her neck. Then each of her big fingers. Then her wide hips...
Eijirou emerged several hours later with a new understanding of why The Spirit of Manliness is not about gender, why the misogyny of social expectations about physical appearance is just the worst, and a deep appreciation for the clitoris.
Since then, Eijirou's been especially aware of the female-identifying and gender-nonconforming people in his class.

He's an honorary member of the Plus-Size-Ultra club, the shark mascot of the Shark Week club, and a nail polish aficionado.
Everyone agrees that Eijirou's spirit is the manliest of them all, especially when he rocks the standard girls' uniform out of solidarity with their annual protest against school policy, or has his long hair braided with ribbons.
Toru is well aware of all this as she considers Eijirou's offer to help her /cheer up/.

He waits patiently, still holding her hand gently in acknowledgment of her processing. He looks at where her face would be if he could see it - or, close enough.

It /has/ been a rough week.
She's still only gotten one offer from an agency for post-graduation, and it's with the military, which is /not/ her style.

Her training match-ups have all /sucked/ because they've focused on distance attacks, and none of her partners have had light-based quirks to bend.
They were all out of caramel sundaes in the cafeteria today.

And /three different people/ stuck her in a yellow wig and an oversized T-shirt, calling her Denki while crying and hitting it from behind. She's often wondered if Denki gets bored of it, too.
So yeah, it's /been/ a week.

Toru looks up at Eijirou's utterly guileless face and gentle smile. "You know what? Yes. I'd like that, Eiji-chan," she says, using her feminine endearment.

Eijirou smiles wider, bright as sunshine, and squeezes her hand.
"That's great, Toru-chan! I... kinda missed you. I have a little something I think you'd like."

If it was anyone else, she'd roll her eyes at the "little something". But Eijirou's so genuine that she knows he's not talking about his dick. The "missed you" part is what trips her.
There's a little blush on his cheeks, and his soulful eyes with their long dark lashes are the same ones she's known since second year.

It occurs to Toru that he's still a bit smitten with her, and it makes her smile.

Eijirou kisses like a girl - aware, full of promises, thoroughly.

Toru smiles into the kiss, knowing she's somehow responsible for his skills.

He smiles back, tasting her grin.
The cute cloud-shaped bedside lamp is turned low.

They're knee-to-knee on her bed. It's cozy and soft, but she's shoved the blankets onto the floor in anticipation of something more athletic than sleeping.
A surprising though occurs to her: she's never had sex in her own room. She's always going to someone else's. Toru doesn't know why, but for some reason both of them just decided to head to hers this time.

Toru hooks her fingers under the hem of his shirt but he stops her.
"I wanted to try something, if that's OK with you?"

He knows the rules: no breakage, no blood, no surprises, unflavored water-based lube only. There's no rule about cuddling - no one ever seems to ask about that - and no rule about trying new things.
"What did you have in mind, Eiji-chan?" Her voice is coy, bright with the sound of her sly smile and batting eyelashes.

"Uh, here," he says, pulling a length of black satin from his back pocket. "It's...a blindfold."
"Oh…" Toru isn't sure what to make of it. She'd somehow expected something more daring.

"And there's another one. For you." He unravels the satin to reveal a second one.

"You want us /both/ to be blindfolded?"
"Yeah. I wanted to…" She waits for him to process, watching the furrow between his expressive eyebrows.

"I wanted to /feel/ you, without seeing that I can't see you. And then I thought maybe you'd want to know what it's like to /not see/ me. We can both be invisible. Y'know?"
It takes Toru a few moments to get over her surprise.

Here's Kirishima Eijirou, sitting on her bed talking about wanting to be invisible with her.

He's got a hand on her thigh, gauging where he thinks her eyes are. It's her chin, but he's trying.
Toru laughs sweetly, gently, and takes the blindfold from his hand and ties it around her eyes. "Sure, Eiji-chan. For you, I'll try it.
Eijirou looks up, sheepishly, seeing how he'd been staring at the wrong spot. But Toru can't see his face now.
He puts on his own blindfold and plunges into darkness.

The low lamplight can't seep through the dark satin tied snug around their faces.

"Well, it's definitely a good blindfold," Toru says, feeling somewhat disoriented by the total darkness.
She's never really realized that, for all her concerns about being invisible, she still was a person who relied on sight herself.

"Yeah, haha, um...well, are you OK with it? I mean, are you comfortable?"
Toru brings up a hand and waves it in front of her until she feels Eijirou's solid chest under her palm. She slides it up his neck and to his cheek, cupping it, using it as a marker for her to aim her lips.

Her answer is clear.
She nudges his knees apart and kneels between them, kissing him softly and exploring with only four of her senses.

His lips are soft and his breath is toothpaste-minty.

He uses some sort of all-in-one body wash shampoo thing that smells like eucalyptus.
The quiet smacking of their lips seems clearer in the darkness.

Eijirou's hands find the small of her back and one large palm presses her closer.
Their chests touch, and she feels the texture of her worn-out sleeping shirt against her nipples, pushing against the solid, muscular warmth of him.

Toru can feel the beat of his heart, faster but strong.
He remembers the feel of her body, even if now he's touching her as a handsome boy and not a shy girl.

His right hand rests on her hip, his thumb caressing the skin just under the hem of her shorts. Eijirou marvels at how soft her skin is, even though it's so often exposed.
This time when Toru goes to lift Eijirou's shirt, he doesn't stop her.

Careful not to dislodge the blindfold, he helps her pull it over his head. It crackles with static, and the flyaways of his hair stand on end.
Flipping his braid over his shoulder, Eijirou returns his hands to her body, this time easing them up and under her shirt.

She's been ready for bed, so she's not wearing a bra. Her nipples are hard and feel cold as he thumbs them.
The little sigh of contentment she gives when he finally squeezes her breasts makes him chuckle.

They're soft yet firm, bouncy yet heavy, his big hands full as he squeezes. She hums, sitting back to let him knead.
Eventually, Toru pulls her shirt off and tugs off her terry shorts as he guides her onto her back at the edge of the bed.

Slipping off to kneel on the floor, he pulls her hips close and drapes her legs over his shoulders.
"I wanna taste you," is all he says before he nibbles his way up her left thigh and noses his way between her legs.

Her bodywash smells faintly tropical but her skin smells darker, like loam in autumn woods.
Unseeing, his hand finds the soft flesh at the crux of her body, gently circling his fingers and pressing his mouth to her entrance.

He kisses and licks at her, holds her thigh and presses a finger in.
His hands, like the rest of him, are big and strong, but she's no frail flower, relishing the thickness of his digits.

His other hand comes up to rub a finger either side of her long clit as he tongues it. "Eiji...you're teasing," she says, pressing her hand behind his head.
He chuckles and the feeling reverberates against her. He seals his lips around her and suckles. Her clit is warm and swelling as he tongues it. It's like a tiny thumb in his mouth, warm and firm. He's, searching, testing, until -

"There! Yes...keep going…"
Eijirou feels the way her thighs tense, his fingers wet now as her body responds to his mouth. She grips his hair, strands of it coming loose from the braid, caught in the blindfold.

She's in a hurry, pushing him to make her cum fast. It's what she wants, what she's needed.
He gives it to her, focusing his attention, his tongue, his teeth, his lips, his fingers all in turn, pumping and nipping and sucking.

Toru hardly masturbates anymore with all the casual sex she has, but the satisfaction of a quick, efficient orgasm is one that she's missed.
It's something that's for her. Something selfish.

Eijirou doesn't mind that she's being selfish. She doesn't say his name as she moans out for more, doesn't let up her tight grip in his hair, the tangle of her thighs around his head.
When she cums she nearly twists his neck off with her legs. His scalp smarts. His nose itches. He doesn't stop even as she clenches.

She'll have another, thanks. He's relentless, grinning even as his tongue delves into her, lapping at the salt-sweet-sour-savory of her wet cunt.
"Fuck…" she says quietly as he pushes another finger into her pussy and still keeps at her clit with his mouth, nose buried in the thatch of hair damp with sweat and arousal. "Oh /fuck/."
Her hips cant up and he pulls her closer to the edge of the bed now two fingers crooked inside her. She slides on the cotton of her bed and locks her ankles together.

The second orgasm is hardly separate from the first, and sets her hips and thighs twitching as she holds her breath, dizzy with it, spasms of sensation zinging up her skin, down her spine.
Eijirou turns and wipes his face on her thigh, pulling his fingers out with a squelch and grabbing the firm flesh of her thighs, prying her legs wide apart and sucking on the soft skin there.

"Toru-chan, what do you want? Where do you want me?"
"I want... Fuck, I need you inside. On the bed. Lie back. I'm gonna ride you, OK?"

"Fuck yes. Yes. Please do it!" He practically leaps up, stripping off his shorts that should be baggy but feel too tight around his straining cock.
He takes cautious steps forward until his shins hit the edge of the bed.

Lowering himself down, he takes a moment to readjust his blindfold, keeping his eyes shut. Sweet boy that he is, he feels that it's important not to peek.
He hears her knock things off the bedside table, hears a drawer open and shut.

Toru's hands find his ankles and she guides herself up the length of him, squeezing at his well-turned calves as she goes.

"Eiji-chan your body is so beautiful."
These are the words she said to him when he was a girl and feeling so ugly.

These are the calves, with dark hair and hard muscle, that others didn't think were feminine.

These are the thighs, thick and strong, that didn't fit under a skirt.
She caresses the ridges of his abdomen, the hair sprouting on his chest as it rises towards his broad shoulders. Toru traces and touches every inch of skin within reach as she kneels over his waist.
Laying down on his chest she kisses him, tastes herself on his tongue. His hands find her back, find the dip of her shoulderblades, the cinch of her waist.

Toru pulls back from the kiss and guides one of his hands back to the bed, palm up.
"Lube," she says, before pumping some onto her fingers and smearing them across his.

Eijirou feels the cool slip of lube and brings his slicked up, pressing his wrist to the skin of her thigh and using the contact to guide his hand to the swell of her ass.
She's too small to take him front, he knows. Eijirou is /big/, and she doesn't have the same depth as other girls might. She can take some of the other boys, but in this case she's not taking any chances.
One finger, then two, quick and slippery. She relishes the feeling of his thick fingers working her open, unafraid to pull, to pry.

She brings her own smaller hand behind her to help, coated with more lube.
They make quick work of it, and Toru tries to drizzle lube directly onto Eijirou's cock but misses, dousing his stomach in the stuff.

The chilly liquid shocks him and he laughs, scooping it up and slathering it over himself.
Wet, willing and waiting, he lies back to let her take control.

Toru rises on her knees and reaches behind to grasp at the shaft of his hot hard cock. It only /just/ fits within the circle of her fingers, and the length of him surprises her as she lowers down into place.
It takes a few tries.

"This is so hard with a blindfold!"

"There's a joke about being hard here but I can't think of it right now," he says, steadying her with his hands on her thighs.
"I'm sure it'll come to you," she sighs as the tip of his dick finally squeezes past the tight muscle of her ass.

"Not if you cum first...fuck, Toru, I can't even banter right now. /Please/!"
He's not sure what he's begging for, but whatever it was, it probably wasn't as good as the feeling of slipping into her tight, wet heat.

Carefully, smooth and steady, she sinks down until she's seated and he's sheathed deep in her. They both moan at the feeling of /complete/.
Toru gyrates her hips, rolling them and letting herself savor the feeling of being /too full/, the thrill of having such a big and hard thing deep inside her. She feels it in her lungs, in her very bones.
Eijirou drops a hand from her thigh to the spot where their bodies join. He feels the scratch of her hair and his, feels the hard tip of her swollen clit hanging there. He works it between thumb and forefinger as she starts to ride him.
Lifting up then sinking down again, she clenches and pulls with the muscles of her core, dragging along his thick shaft and pulling praises from him.

"Fuck, Toru, feels so /fucking good/ I don't...I can't... fuck... not gonna…"
"Don't wanna last, Eiji-chan. Give me one more. One more, before you fill me up OK?"

"FUCK. OK. OK I can do that, I can... /fuck/…"
Eijirou lifts his hips and thrusts upwards to meet her downward rolling, still tugging and rubbing at her clit feeling like for all the world he's rubbing his own clit, searching for her satisfaction.
Her thighs squeeze tighter around him as he bucks up into her, steadying himself by planting his feet on the bed and gripping her knee with his free hand. She's wild and tight above him, hands on her tits and squeezing them.
In the dark of the blindfold everything feels /more/.
She smells their sweat, sharp and heady.

The slap of their skin and the squelching of lube rings loud between them.

The taste of her own juices licked from his tongue sits heavy in her mouth.
Within, she feels him grow impossibly harder, impossibly hotter. Between her legs she feels the pressure of his fingers on her clit, pulling just right, just like she taught him.
They're panting and huffing and moaning, still quiet but not for trying. They're out of breath, lost in their sensations, safe and glad.

And then he says, "Toru-chan, please cum for me. I wanna feel you…"
Who could refuse that? She does, arching her back and squeezing hard at her tits as she bears down on him, shaking as she rides out her pleasure, carried on his thrusting hips.
It's too tight, too hot, and Eijirou grabs her thighs with both hands and /fucks/ hard and fast up into her as she wails, clenching harder.

He sees stars behind the blindfold and cums like he's been gut-punched: shocking, breathless.
Toru shivers at the feeling of being pumped full, squirming in his lap as she feels him tremble and shake with the force of his orgasm. They stay locked like that until the tremors subside.

Shifting to her knees, she lets his soft length slip out and she flops to the side.
"Don't take it off," EIjirou says as she hits the bed.


"No, not done yet."

And with that he gropes blindly for her and pulls her close into the crook of his arm. She nuzzles him, the stink of his exertion thick in her nose, but she doesn't care. She smells, too.
It's funny how when you're invisible people not only forget that you're there, when they do know you're there they also forget that you're not insubstantial.
To be invisible but still have mass, still occupy physical space in the world: that's the stumbling block for sighted people.

If you're not seen, even if you're heard or smelled or sometimes even touched, it's so easy to just vanish.
But here and now, with blindfolds on and the burden of sight removed, Eijirou doesn't go through the process of looking for her and /not seeing/ her.

He feels her, substantial and heavy and sweating and breathing against him.
"Hey," he says, trying to sum all of those thoughts up.

"Hey yourself," Toru says, wondering what he's looking at, wondering how he looks, and catching herself in the thought. It makes her giggle.

"What's so funny?"

"Hey, I thought of what I wanted to say before: if it's this hard with a blindfold, what's gonna happen when you tie me up, too?"

Toru laughs at that, grinning into his side and poking his ribs. He's not ticklish, bless him, but he squirms anyway.
"Thanks, Eiji-chan. I really needed this. You were right - I did like it. And I felt really...well, /seen/. It means a lot to me."

"That's what I was going for! I'm happy I could do that for you."

"And this, too. Just cuddling like this. Sexy cuddles are great."
"Hell yeah, they are. You know, you can cuddle me any time, right?"

"I know. I'm grateful for that."

And she is.
They lie there, talking and cooling off, Eijirou grousing about his crush on you-know-who and Toru trying not to spill any beans about just how much that certain someone wants Eiji, too.

Finally, they stand and Eijirou wraps her in a bear-hug before they doff the blindfolds.
It's a shock to Eijirou not to see her there. It really is as if she's vanished. But then she puts her arms around him again and he closes his eyes, resting his chin on the top of her head. Her hair tickles his nose.
Her skin is still soft and sweat-damp, her arms strong around him, and he thinks that /yes, she really is beautiful./

We all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes to feel beautiful we just need to be held.

{~~~THE END~~~}
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