I’m ngl when I first listened to mirrorball it was low on my list until I really listed to the lyrics and the meaning. What a tragically beautiful song about fitting in and staying relevant, at least that’s how I interpret it #Folklore
“I can change everything about me to fit in” gets me every time. It reminds me of how we sometimes (or a lot of the time) change ourselves in these tiny ways depending on who we’re with/who’s looking
Idk it’s like a song where she just admits that she tries. Like trying hard sometimes is okay, idk y’all I love Taylor Swift she makes me feel less alone 💛
It’s hard not to think of things as a competition (ie. who has a job, place of their own, etc) and I’m guilty of comparing myself to others and trying to hard, so this thread goes out to mirrorball, LISTEN TO IT!! #Folklore
Listened* dammit
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