they just can't stop being racist. "her ancestry does not go back to american slavery."

how'd black people get to jamaica?

fyi: my great times whatever grandparents did not get there on a carnival cruise.
i really need to ignore this one cause its one of the few that really does increase my blood pressure. but theres an ignorance on the right and extreme left with it. like these dumb-dumbs seem to think the original inhabitants of jamaica were black.
but ok, just for the idiots in the back who are stupid af...
the original inhabitants of jamaica were native americans. european colonizers came, killed them off. then they imported black slave labor from africa.

now there are large populations of black ppl

sound like any other country you've heard of?

(the answer is america. america.)
in america they had our ancestors picking cotton. in jamaica they were picking sugar cane. they were subservient to whites. beaten by them. raped by them. put in chains, sold. all the same stuff.
and even all that is immaterial to me.
are you of african descent?
were you born in america or did you emigrate to america?
you are african-american.
and you're definitely black.
(yes i take this line of attack more personal than probably all the others, oh well)
you really think when someone's being racist they look at me, pres. obama, sen. harris, or someone who's family was brought here on a slave ship 250 yrs ago as different? (other than level of notoriety)

If you made it to the end of this rant here is a cute dog for your troubles
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