IMPORTANT: @KamalaHarris is legit on climate! This is a climate election. So so so much hangs in the balance. 💚🌎 Here's a thread of climate/environment groups' statements on Sen. Harris as @JoeBiden's VP pick. Spoiler: They are very positive!! #VoteClimate #BidenHarris2020
Statement from @sunrisemvmt's @VarshPrakash
on @KamalaHarris as @JoeBiden's VP pick. #VoteClimate #BidenHarris2020

"She took our No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge, ran on the #GreenNewDeal, ... took on Big Oil as AG," and has "a strong record on ensuring #EnvironmentalJustice."
Statement from @EvergreenAction's @jamalraad on @KamalaHarris as @JoeBiden's VP pick. #VoteClimate #BidenHarris2020

"Senator Harris brings a strong history of climate leadership to the ticket and has been a champion of environmental justice."
Prof. Dr. @leahstokes on @KamalaHarris' climate record. An excellent thread as per her usual! #VoteClimate #BidenHarris2020
Statement from @greenpeaceusa on @KamalaHarris’ climate and environmental record. #VoteClimate #BidenHarris2020

“She supported a novel idea for a new global “managed decline” treaty to manage the worldwide phaseout of fossil fuel production.”
This is exciting and critical. @KamalaHarris recently co-authored a bill on #ClimateJustice with @AOC. #VoteClimate #BidenHarris2020
Here’s more on @SenKamalaHarris and @RepAOC’s Climate Equity Act. #VoteClimate #BidenHarris2020
. @KamalaHarris’s climate record seems to be most notable for her insistence on holding fossil fuel corporations liable and accountable. #VoteClimate #BidenHarris2020
DYK when @KamalaHarris was DA of San Francisco, she created an #EnvironmentalJustice unit to protect communities of color and low-income communities? Fossil fuels cause air pollution, which harms public health. #ClimateJustice #VoteClimate #BidenHarris2020
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