thread of lps popular characters and what side of tiktok they'd be on
savnanah - alt tiktok and sometimes straight
angelina -alt tiktok . or probally a quieter side of tiktok
genevieve - fashionista / DIY tiktok . if that exists
brooklyn - do i even HAVE to say it
rachel - trying to get off straight tiktok
alicia - i dont even think shes smart enough to know how tiktok works /j probally straight with brooklyn but only shows up sometimes
sage - on straight tiktok but claims to be alt
tom - if it exists. himbo tiktok /j . elite tiktok
nathan - ooough i wanna. squeeze you like orange. straight tiktok. comments "maybe your not a lesbian.. maybe you havent found the right one yet .. i could be that one"
violette - alt tiktok but claims she doesnt have the app
marine - straight tiktok next caller
brigitte - straight tiktok . next caller
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