Since many people have asked: the standard pronunciation (at least among the Ms Marvel editorial team) is Ka MAH la (ie كمالة), not COMMA la (like Senator Harris). Different language group; coincidental spelling.
Kamala--envisioned as a feminized iteration of Kamal--is not a real-real name in Arabic or Urdu; the closest one can get and still be grammatically okay is Kamila, which has a slightly different (though related) meaning. The explanation is: I overthink names.
(This is also why Nakia has an unusual, non-Turkish name--the backstory, which we never had room to get around to, was that she's named after the nurse who delivered her. And that she+Kamala bonded about their unusual names when they were kids. Again, I overthink.)
In conclusion, the English transliterations of Kamala Khan (aka Ms Marvel) and Kamala Harris (our Dem VP nominee) may be the same, but they are 2 different names from 2 different language families ( कमल vs كمالة), have different meanings, and are pronounced differently.
(I think if we at the Ms Marvel launch team had had any inkling the character was going to be a cultural phenomenon, we'd have made things a lot more straightforward. But who had any idea? NOT ME)
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