Hannibal and Will go to an amusement park.

They're on a rollercoaster, shoulder to shoulder. Will is losing his shit, arms up in the air, hollering.

Hannibal is calm, collected. Glancing over and smiling slightly at his buddy's joy and exhilaration.
Hannibal and Will go to a zoo.

Will is in the petting zoo, losing his shit at the chance to pet a goat.

He forces Hannibal to take a picture of him napping with a capybara.

Later that night, Hannibal orders will an exquisite plush capybara
Hannibal and Will are going grocery shopping.

Will loses his shit at the sight of nacho-flavored mayonnaise.

Hannibal puts it in the cart, and makes a mental note to eat the woman who is letting her kid touch the produce.
Hannibal and Will at an Arby's.

Will is losing his shit at the menu.

Hannibal makes a mental note to kill every single person responsible, franchise owner first.
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