Ok #GameDev, 2 wks till #PitchYaGame so real talk time.

What do you want / need to make your #IndieGame a reality? Be honest! Need Funding? Need Publisher? Let's hear it. DM if preferred! 😎

My aim: To open doors for #IndieDev.
& if I can't help you, I may know someone who can!
You can get alot out of just pitching during @pitchYaGame alone.

But my long-term aim is to level it up entirely. Hence the introduction of the #PYGLibrary and now the #PYGVault, my hope is that I can help you along your journey's and hopefully open more doors for #IndieDev!
Once you've made your pitch on round days. Pin them!

Then, turn your pitch into a thread, drill a bit more into detail about your #IndieGame...

Describe the stage of development you are at, and don't be afraid to specify what it is you are looking for help with (if applicable)
One of the things I've learnt (a lot later into my #GameDev journey than I would have liked) is to ASK!

Secondly; would be, to be prepared.

I'm working on tools / initiatives that will help with both, but especially in helping you to be more prepared as #IndieDev.
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