. @SidneyPowell1 I would Encourage People really to listen to the argument to Understand how our Courts System is Working or Not Working. The Rule of Law is what separates US🇺🇸 from other Countries. We have to have a Functioning #RuleOfLaw that Holds Everyone Accountable Same Way.
Judge Sullivan who was the hero of @SidneyPowell1 book #LicenseToLie has behaved like a MONSTER in @GenFlynn case. It’s Despicable what he’s done its a Disgrace. @LouDobbs There’s No Controversy between Defendant & Gov Anymore. Both Agreed Case Be Dropped. ALL Dismissals Granted.
Sullivan’s app of Amicus to stand in the stead of the Gov, solicitation of Amicus briefs by anybody who wanted to file one was irregular. Court sent it back told him by Mandamus from panel to Grant motion to Dismiss. Didnt do it. Instead filed petition on own & court accepted it.
American People are about to be Physically ILL. Its Concerning. Very Important take Politics out of this & decide case as if were John Doe as opposed to creating a @GenFlynn exception to the Rule of Law that Doesnt apply to Anyone else or want applied to own fam in same situation
TAKEN 4yrs of the Life of a Dedicated American Patriot @GenFlynn who’s done EVERYTHING Humanly possible to Serve his Country. Started with Investigation that Was Corrupt from Beginning No Basis to Investigate Made Up False Statements against Him Now Won’t Grant Dismissal. It MUST
Beyond Frustrated to Say the Least that Were Still Here 3 Months Later Trying to Get a Case Dismissed THAT CANT BE PROSECUTED & Should NEVER been Prosecuted in the First Place. @SidneyPowell1 Its Disgusting Entire Federal Judiciary looks like what it’s become Political CORRUPT.
Link to Full DC Court of Appeals Argument Today 8/11/20 Great Job Sidney. @SidneyPowell1 🙏🏼 @GenFlynn #WRWY #WWG1WGA https://twitter.com/denverflynn/status/1293250001531961349?s=21 https://twitter.com/denverflynn/status/1293250001531961349
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