Why do migrants come here?

English is the most widely spoken language on earth, and if you're a desperate migrant needing a home, a job and an application for refugee status, it's easier if you can communicate. Try doing it in Hungarian if you don't speak a word.

If you think these people are "economic migrants" ask yourself: would you REALLY uproot your family, march across Europe sleeping under hedges, and risk your kids' life in an overcrowded dinghy to... get a min wage job cleaning cars? They aren't doing it for money.

Under international law, refugees arriving here are doing nothing illegal. Migrating is not illegal. Human beings are not illegal.

Pushing people back into the sea IS illegal. And immoral. And inhumane. And disgusting.

But refugees aren't any of those things.

Humans migrate. Always have. Mandatory passports didn't even exist until WW1, and for over half a million years before that we just wondered around. It's normal, and tens of thousands of Brits do it too. Emigration of UK citizens to Germany is up 30% since 2016.

There are over 49000 towns in the UK

1900 refugees arrived here last year, fleeing war, persecution, death squads, rape and horrific conditions.

If we took them all in, that's 1 person for every 25 towns.

You almost certainly would never, ever meet one. We would cope.
I'm still pissed off.
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