Ima let my heart fully recover for once. The last time I did and knew my worth, someone really amazing came into my life. Too much love without growth is like too much candy. It can rot you overtime. I want a love like fruit. I can eat as much as I want and not fuck my heart up.
Love is like fruit. Fruit like limes and shit that make you be like “Here we go.” For example, one day you’re gonna eat sweet grapes and then that ONE grape that’s just nasty as hell and makes you question life. That’s normal. Not all of the fruit you’re gonna eat is perfect.
That’s one bad fruit in the whole basket of sweets. That’s not a judge on the fruit itself if you like it that much, unless you just get nothing but just like these terrible batches maybe you wanna try something else.
Loving love shouldn’t be spoiled by one person. That person was just not your type of fruit! Sometimes you’re going to like that person, said fruit, and you wonder why the other fruits couldn’t do that but remember that’s your juicy partner it do not matter don’t question it.
Some days your partner is going to exhibit very negative fruit like qualities but again that don’t matter you knew they was this type of fruit and it’s natural to have fruit qualities that may not be appealing. A human is a human. A fruit is a fruit.
If you love them, and they want to do better, they’re like fruit, so get the seeds from them and replant them into something sweeter. People can grow. Love can blossom. There’s seeds within us that can make us sweeter when we rebirth and grow again 🥰
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