#Chizama loved movies
#Chizama loved drinking
#Chizama loved travel
#Chizama loved hiking, laughing and flowers
#Chizama loved fashion and birthdays
#Chizama loved ballet and fitness
#Chizama loved food and good music
#Chizama loved education
#Chizama loved the Duke
#Chizama really loved the Duke and loved Life
#Chizama loved love

Her real name was Bhongolethu. She got given Nolethu as a “you people are the same” banter. She took it. It was misspelt. She took it, and made the typo irrelevant. Her life so big it pronounces itself #IAMChizama
Wish you safe travels but I’m tense.
Heaven is richer at our expense.

Robala sentle Cethe🙏❤️
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