If Biden's VP is an inanimate carbon rod, I will do everything I can to make sure they get elected. Big picture: we're up against a corrupt vulgarian who will bring it all down to maintain his power and wealth. Trump & Pence have failed America, and there's no "both sides" here.
Also, if Biden picked an inanimate carbon rod, Republicans would call it a radical socialist. It's the same play. Everyone to the left of them is an extremist, but the guy who's fine with Putin putting bounties on the heads of US soldiers is the Chosen One. Don't fall for it.
Finally, even if it is Susan Rice, they would have still brought up nonsense conspiracy theories such as Obamagate & Deep State and yelled Benghazi and whined and cried victimhood. Those leopard spots don't change. Eyes on the prize. Take it all back: White House, Senate, House.
I hear some worry, "But Republicans will bring up Benghazi if Rice is picked!" Just reflect on that. We KNOW their bad actions yet we're hijacked by deliberate bad faith actors of a bad faith minority. They always lie & smear. Stop being afraid. Don't play defense. Play offense.
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