1. 1917 REVISITED: Trump repeatedly mentioned 1917 dozens of times several months ago, yet the Spanish Flu Pandemic is commonly connected to 1918? He mentioned it again yesterday. Why?


Read the thread below, decide for yourself 👇
2. Yesterday, before the SS 'interrupted' Trump's press conference due to the active shooter on 17th and Penn, Trump brought up 1917 again, saying the “1917 pandemic” ended the Second World War. We know its code, but why did Trump resume this message?
3. Prior to Trump mentioning 1917 again, Biden's handler [Hussein] put out a rather threatening message aimed at Trump. What did Trump do? He told [them] to bring it on by taunting [them] with 1917. After the 1917 mention, the shooter was activated. @ChicaDeplorable H/T
4. Back in May, I decoded all the complexities of the 1917 message in this thread 👇 https://twitter.com/wenewsnow/status/1263587998525870083
5. While there are many, many layers to the 1917 message, the most explosive and direct pertains to Assange.

“SR connect to DNC. MS_13. JA. June ETA.”
“JA in the news? Think JC. Server unlocks SR.”
“The ‘server’ brings down the house.”

But how does Assange connect to 1917?
6. What is The Trump Card? There isn't one. All of Trump's cards are TRUMP CARDS! He has an entire deck. But one of the biggest Trump Cards is clearly defined for us using Trump's fondness for A=1, B=2, etc. TRUMP CARD = 114 = THE SOURCE; TRUMP CARDS = 133 = JULIAN ASSANGE 👇
7. Recall the Watch? On 7.19.2020, did you notice the date highlighted? [8.19.2018]. This was in reference to the date the TRILOGY MOVIE post was dropped in 1928 & 1929, on 8.19.2018. Filename of TRILOGY post = 133 = JULIAN ASSANGE. 19th at 4:49 => 1917 👇 35 = FISA, 22 = MAGA
8. In the Watch Worth Remembering post, the filename = 143 = GEORGE SOROS. The numbers in the filename are 27 0. Just like in this post where Trump seems to say Soros is at Gitmo, another '27' appears in the watch filename. 27 = CUBA = BASE. Coincidence? https://twitter.com/wenewsnow/status/1290344933199622145
9. On July 16, Trump says: We have many exciting things that we’ll be announcing over the next 8 weeks, things that nobody has even contemplated [...] It's going to be a very exciting 8 weeks. Nobody's ever going to see 8 weeks like we're going to have."
10. Look what happens when you start the 8 weeks the day after his speech, on Friday, July 17th 👇 The 8 weeks would conclude exactly the day prior to the "19th" anniversary of September 11th. Don't those watches worth remembering fit nicely?
11. Did you hear what Trump said about Durham's #FisaGate investigation? "It’s BREATHTAKING what they found, BREATHTAKING, and hopefully it will come out soon but it’s beyond what anybody even thought was possible, how bad it is and how corrupt it is!"
12. Durham's [I]ndictments are supposed to arrive by summer's end. BREATHTAKING = 116 = ROTHSCHILD = WE HAVE WON = FLIP THE SCRIPT. Do you see how 116 is 911 reversed & flipped? See how Trump flipped [their] terror at US back onto [them]? See why 1917 triggers [them] so much?
13. The war is real but the news is fake. It can be difficult to see we're winning when all [their] assets are deployed to cast doubt. Listen to Trump's 17 words: "We're gonna win and we're gonna win big. Cue just WATCH, we have the CARDS, [they] don't.
15. 3914: The world will soon understand. 4441: The wait will soon be over. 4502: The doubters will soon be believers. 1603: Read the BIBLE. GOD WINS. 4450: Do Anons understand what is about to be unleashed? 4211: We are ready to unleash hell.
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