A column written by @shandro during his time at the U of C was recently unearthed that shows a young Tyler Shandro arguing against for-profit American-style health care. #ableg #abhealth
In the column, @shandro writes that "no peer-reviewed study has found that for-profit hospitals are less expensive than non-profit ones. In fact, publicly-funded health care costs less." #ableg #abhealth
Even @shandro points out the additional administrative costs that come with private for-profit health care. He writes that their "inefficiency will cause more stress on the publicly-funded health care. That means longer waiting lists not just for them, but across the board."
. @shandro continues, "Health care will be more expensive for everyone supplying it."

I couldn't agree more. And yet, @jkenney and the UCP continue to dismantle our public health care system and push our province towards for-profit American-style health care. #ableg #abhealth
He concludes "But we're told there's a crisis. They say public health care isn't working. Wait, let me see if I have this right - they blow up a hospital and then tell us there's a crisis?"

Sound familiar? This is the exact same tactic being used by the UCP. #ableg #abhealth
The UCP have picked a fight with doctors in the middle of a pandemic that is forcing many to leave our province. They are still planning to fire hundreds of nurses. And they have passed Bill 30 that opens the door wide open for for-profit health care. #ableg #abhealth
Despite clear evidence this move towards American-style health care will have worse outcomes for Albertans, @jkenney and @shandro continue with their extreme ideological agenda. I just wish the younger Tyler Shandro could talk some sense into the UCP. #ableg #abhealth
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