The Latin reads: "A trader can seldom or never please God".

Sharp distinction with Islam, where the Prophet ﷺ and many of his blessed companions were traders.

Also with Protestantism, often considered a cause and/or a consequence of Europe's commercial development.
Also relevant:
Trade is from the fitrah, the noble aspects of human nature.

And Islam affirms the ample potential for Godliness in the things of this world – including trade, commerce, earning a living. The world isn't fallen, but the bounty of the Most-Merciful for His creation.
Embracing commerce over the last few centuries, whilst it has a number of very significant drawbacks, has been on the whole the greatest driver of (earthly) human welfare in history
Commerce, within limits and as part of a balanced society, is a tremendous good.

A source of human benefit, a fulfilment of the noble within human nature, and a site for Godliness.
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