Funny, @MattWolfAb: I don’t recall the #UCP running on this platform?
-undermining & demonizing Alberta physicians, attempting to privatize health care system, driving doctors elsewhere
-harassing & demeaning teachers, firing 25,000 educational staff IN A WEEKEND EMAIL #abPoli
-A corrupt, kamikaze candidate leadership race (still under RCMP review?)
-Arbitrarily changing AISH dates carelessly, sending payments late, causing hardship for vulnerable AISH recipients
-Changing PUF finding model, leading to anxiety for parents with children who need it
I don’t recall the party promising to
-remove insurance premiums cap, leading to more expenses for Alberta drivers (17% higher?!)
-slashing post-secondary education grants, removing tuition freeze, creating additional cost for post-secondary students #AbLeg
You campaigned on “jobs,” but where are those jobs? Did you campaign on:

-going back to a dependence on oil for our economic growth, even as oil prices continue to plummet

-job losses in tens of thousands

-MILLIONS spent on the national embarrassment that is the “war room?”
Correct me if I’m wrong, but did UCP election platform include:
-removing drug coverage for dependants & spouses of 60,000 seniors?
-having your health minister yell at a doctor on his DRIVEWAY?
-having a health minister whose wife’s company provides private health insurance? 🧐
Did you campaign on stealing public sector pensions from where they were safely invested, to invest them- without pension holders’ approval and to great outcry- with AIMCo instead, a fund manager which then suffered a $2.1 billion loss?
I don’t remember that being in the plan.
I could do this all day, @mattwolfab. The government you’re paid $200,000 annually to support by tweeting nonsense has been unprecedentedly cruel, callous and incompetent. THAT’S why we’re shocked. So you can stop with “we’re implementing what we campaigned on.”

No, you’re not.
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