Little Eren DIDN'T SEE the Genocide, but something else!

[My first] (and short tread.)
After the release of the latest chapter 131 of aot, I saw many people interpreting the scene of eren as a child who "sees freedom" as if eren was a psycho since he was a child, but in reality I interpreted the scene differently.
Eren has always wanted freedom, the freedom always been what he wanted most of all (since Armin told him about the outside world).
MY INTERPRETATION: Little Eren is NOT calling genocide "freedom", he is "staring the freedom" he desires. So, this does NOT mean that little
Eren thinks the freedom he wants is genocide! Of course this is only how I saw the scene.
(I'm sorry if my english isn't perfect).
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I wrote thread without the h... 🤦🏻‍♀️
Eren thinks the freedom he saw ISN'T Genocide!! I'm sorry if this thread was confusing.
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