Years ago Lant Pritchett suggested an additional higher poverty line:
Back then the extreme poverty line was $1.25, he suggested to add $12.50 per day.

Now I want to update it:
I’m suggesting int.-$30 per day.
(arguments in the next tweet.)

What do you think about $30 per day?
This was how Pritchett arrived at his additional poverty line.

He followed the same logic that the UN/World Bank applies to arrive at the International Poverty Line (for extreme poverty)
I’ll share the calculations in the next tweet, but this is my overall thinking to get to $30 per day.

$30 per day is a very low poverty for one of the richer countries in the EU (Germany) and in line with the poverty line in a country a bit below the EU average (Spain).
Here are my calculations.

The data that you need to calculate this:
* Median-incomes in the EU
* PPP conversion factor for private consumption
My proposal of international-$30 per day is lower than the poverty line in the US. The US poverty line is $35 per day.

The poverty threshold for a single person under 65 was an annual income of US$12,760.
That is 12,760/365.25=$34.95 per day.
Germany’s basic social care (‘Hartz-IV’) depends on the particular circumstances of the individual. In 2018 a single had on average 783 Euro per month.

That’s €783/0.834=int.-$938.85 per month.

Or international-$30.78 per day.
Globally. Just how the International Poverty Line is applied globally so that poverty can be compared across countries.
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